Oceanna is a fit of Levi's Jeans for men. These relaxed boot cuts are part of the 527 grouping. Sitting low on the waist for an easy fit that looks great.
Wow, his ass looks rufus!
He must be wearing Levi's Oceanna Jeans.
by RufusJane July 19, 2010
Top Definition
Oceanna is a wonderful girl
I <3 Oceanna, she's wonderful.
by Joe April 24, 2005
She is an amazingly talented girl. She's always helping a friend with their problems. She is very outgoing, funny and gorgeous. She is very trustworth and doesn't lie often. Many girls are jealous of her. She has a bit of a mean streak, so you might not want to cross her.
I wish I was Oceanna.
by fubb1974 October 15, 2013
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