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The best Jersey Shore town. A 7 mile long island with a boardwalk about 3 miles long. Home to pro surfer Matt Keenan. Ocean City is a nice beach.
by OCRules March 04, 2005
A dry town founded by the Methodist community, like most of the area. Over 25 churches on the island, and the same amount of pizza places. September and October, as well as April and May are the favorite months of the locals because it is somewhat nice out and there are available parking spots. People don't realize that there is actually a town under all the tourists and that people live there all year. Not every girl lives in a bikini, but many do. Liquor and pot are the main drugs in the town because they are cheap and easy to get. The area is dominated by Republicans and has very little in the way of minorities, unless you count the undocumented workers that get paid under the table at local eateries. Locals are still trying to get parking lots that require a "local decal" so we don't have to drive around for an hour in our own town to find a parking spot during shoobie season. You have to have a lot of patience to live there, and you have to know where to go to avoid inflated summer prices. The ageless excuse the locals are fed about why they should deal with the bothersome shoobies? "It supports our local economy."
"I was thinking about going to Ocean City, NJ for summer vacation, what do you think?"
"Oh, I live there, and on behalf of everyone, please don't. We have enough tourists to deal with, thanks."
by perfectstranger October 25, 2009
A city in south Jersey populated by PA people, douchebags, preppy girls, jocks (even though I said douchebags), and the general upper-middle class trash. All the definitions are right, the city is dead in the winter, after Labor Day this city sleeps until June. You need to go out of the city to get alcohol since it's a dry town, that doesn't mean you can't find some bud though. This town is something to avoid if you're not a family or the general lower intelligent "Jersey Shore" fan who's brain is fried from all the tanning. Also there are no hot girls there, unless if you're into tanned bimbos.
Guy 1: Let's go to Ocean City, NJ for a few days.
Guy 2: Nah man that's just spoiled teenagers and families.
by DudeInSkinnies July 06, 2012
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