A gathering of part time wanna-be Martin Luther King types with the attention span of a jelly bean with adhd. Often seen regurgitating illogical quasi arguments with the goal of forming some sort of anti capitalist platform but always failing to do so; living in self policed communes during the day and often leaving at night due to inclement weather and sexual assaults; fighting for the so called 99% of the population are bitter about not being in the top 1%; blaming all the ills of society on other people and demanding impractical and outlandish ideas; being generally uneducated or having degrees in the arts, so uneducated; having few to no real responsibilities; discriminating about homeless people; and all in all serving as a cautionary tale to those who choose to substitute hard work, perseverance, ingenuity, creativity, and sacrifice for laziness.
1: Hey! I didn't see you at Occupy Wall Street on Friday! We had a really great march! Can you make it on Monday?
2: No, after work I have to take my daughters to their tutor and then their piano lesson. Then I'd like to spend some time with my wife. She's had long week and I thought it would be nice to make her dinner.
1: Oh. Ok. But before you go, can I borrow a dollar?
by Talk Cash November 06, 2011
A hipster movement started on the September 17, 2011 in New York City that claims to voice out for the 99% who are being screwed over by society. In reality, the movement is a sham because there is no clear objective. Obviously everyone is against big banks being bailed out and poverty destroying the country, but making such vague claims that "everyone deserves to live a better life" gives no one any clue on how we might achieve it.

Has anyone seen the irony of this movement? The protestors are not representative of the 99%. I bet half of the protestors lived a good life where their parents worked in banks and investment companies, provided them luxuries, entertainment, and educational opportunities. What's their complain again???
The occupy wall street protestors easily criticize and condemn the 1%, but I wonder how many of them would make a deal with the devil if they could be just as rich as the CEOs?
by bigtree_us20 October 14, 2011
One of the saddest attempts at what really is an attempt at a communist uprising to ever happen on this earth. Many of these ptotestors are upset at other who were successful. Many of these successful people did not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on liberal arts degrees and do not overextend themselves as many protestors did. While this may be claimed to be a resurgence of democracy and a movement of the people it is really just an attempt by the ploteriat to turn democracy into communism. This should be considered a "masked" movement as the protestors are not very clear about what they want other than "justice for the wrongs of Wall Street executives." Behind these requests there have been mutterings of healthcare for all and other socialist and communist principles. But then again think about it from the protestor's view. If you were a college major with a degree in political science who could not find a job even though you paid almost $50,000 a year for your college education that has not done anything for you, you would be mad also. One must also consider, however, the student going to a in state public college with an all tuition paid for scholarship and working a job at the local conveniece store to pay for his or her rent. Now if they were to come out with a degree in engineering and quickly get a job, he or ahe would not be angry with Wall Street since he or she wasfinancially responsible.
Matt went to Brown and got that political science degree he so desperately wanted. He also made sure to keep up to date and have the latest iPhone and Macbook. He is involved in Occupy Wall Street. Why so? Well he is currently jobless.

Jennifer went to the Ohio State University. She worked throughout college to pay her rent and her cell phone bill in addition to covering other personal costs. She graduated college debt free with a pre-med degree. She just landed an internship and is also working towards becoming a cardiologist. She is not occupying Wall Street because she is beginning to invest in her own retirement fund and she is to busy woth work and college.
by TPaine#CommonSense November 03, 2011
a) A bunch of lazy idiots that simply want handouts.

b)People too dam irresponsible for their own life failures that look to point their fingers at anyone or anything other than themselves.

c)A bunch of socialist turds that want to take a piece of someone else's pie because they believe they're 'entitled' to it.

d) A bunch of lazy hooligans on Wall Street.

e) A bunch of lazy bastards on the streets of New York City inspired by Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden.............
"Dude, let's smoke this joint and then Occupy Wall Street!"

Person 1: "What's new man?!"

Person 2: "Shit- I just got my girl pregnant. I got kicked out of college. I lost my job and credit card companies are after me...I think I'm gonna Occupy Wall Street."
by usmc2012 November 02, 2011
Code for raping women in a New York City park.
Dude, he is totally gonna occupy wall street with that chick who was assigned to share his tent.

I am a feminist, never mind I Occupied Wall Street with that whore. She probably works for Fox News and was a conservative plant to make us look like rapists, bro.
by The Arquette Sisters October 26, 2011
A political "movement" to call for socialism and reject all things even resembeling capitalism. Typically carried out by uneducated, non-organized, and uninformed 20 somethings who still believe in communism and socialism despite their repeated failure throughout history.
"Dude doesn't that occupy wall street protester look like Justin Beber?"

"Shit yeah he does! He looks just like him!"

"Can you read his sign? What does it say?"

"I think it say something about stopping coorperate greed..."

"What a fucking idiot."

"For sure, I'll bet he loves abortion, but hates capital punishment."

"Yeah, your probably right....to bad his mom didn't feel the same."
by Dr. Definition1001 October 19, 2011
Please read whole definition

It basically is all of the hippies claiming that the corporations and banks run America and that in the current state, they have no voice. It has potential to gain ground, but there is a lack of structure and lack of a common actual goal.

The truth is, the way they want everything to be run, America will go deep into debt, the rich will practically have their money taken from them and then be repettitively raped and thrown in to jail for being rich, the 99% of America won't be taxed, college will be free unless you're from the "one percent", and the borders will be open with a big sign that says "come on in!"

I'm going to try to kind of make a statement with this last paragraph that everyone can agree with. First of all, we can agree that the super rich get by too easily, and a portion of the middle class have a lot of trouble getting by. What we need to establish is what the "super-rich" is, because that "super-rich" might be someone who has legitimately earned thier money by doing good in school, getting a good degree, and spending smarter, rather than some lucky investor. The middle class "not having enough to get by" is rubbish. If the government gave you these jobs you wanted, it would cost more in tax dollars that what that job is worth to the country. Having kids, wasting money in college, and buying a house you couldn't afford are not excuses for your lack of money.

I'm from the percent that doesn't give a fuck
Occupy Wall Street Protestor: "I'm done with the corporate fat cats running the country! I want to be heard!"

"The one percent": "How about you get out of college, get a job, and get out of debt. Play it safe for a while. A lot of the people from "The one percent" actually started out in the 99%. I really don't think that standing out here in the cold is helping you get any job or a college degree."

"The fifty percent": I really don't get what's going on right now? I'm not in debt at all, but I'm not exactly pulling in a huge paycheck.
by fluffy402 October 18, 2011
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