The bottom 99% of people on the income bracket rightfully protesting the top 1% getting more money than they deserve.

The richest people in the world (e.g. bankers, CEOs, media moguls, so called "job creators") don't actually work. They have other people work for them. They rake in millions of dollars while the people doing the actual work have to deal with lower pay and higher taxes.

And then the rich folks spend their unearned money on politicians, essentially controlling congress (both Republicans and Democrats). As a result, congress is happy to bail out these people when their businesses start losing money with cash out of the taxpayer's pocket. Not to mention the tax cuts doled out to these billionaires (started by Bush, extended by Obama). That is exactly what OWS is protesting.
Occupy Wall Street is one of the few glimmers of hope as the USA descends further into debt.

Let's have a show of hands. Thumbs up if you support the movement.
by Terrazine October 27, 2011
A movement made up of a bunch of lazy, self entitled loudmouths who, after years of having no friends on account of their encompassingly annoying qualities, got together to scream, yell, and vandalize to feel like they were part of something. This lame embarrassment of humanity was only strong for one season, fall of 2008, and once the cold of winter came, these pussies gave up and "Occupy" was never the same. Currently, they claim to be strong but that is only on twitter where no one but retards like Kim Kardashian and Justin Beiber hold any sway.
Loser with no friends: "I'm part of occupy, also known as Occupy Wall Street, OWS"

Me: "So, at 22, you bitch about not having things you have not worked for and do not deserve?"

Loser with no friends: "The government is wrong, banks are wrong"

Me: "You're nowhere near Wall Street, you're in Folsom California and your father is a surgeon while your mom is a pediatrician. The government should shoot you."
the biggest joke of a movement America has seen in a long time. made in response to the Great Recession. fueled by the thought that the Great Recession is a big enough excuse not to try to make a living and banks (no pun intended) on the idea that complaining is a great substitute for action. ignores the fact that "life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it." a complete kick in the face for those who have worked for everything they have owned. destroys the businesses, cars, public safety, and even lives. a complete disgrace. i grew up out of a liberal family, and I'm not that conservative, but these people make me sick.
Jack, one of the 99%: "Uggh, this economy won't let me get a job! Waaaa! Screw those fat cats upstairs! OCCUPY WALL STREET! Come on, gang, torch that family-owned general store! Stupid capitalists! Capitalism is evil!"

General Store Owners: "I could cry right now. I've worked way too hard and have stretched by budget way too much to have my successful general store go to shambles like this. Sure, this economy has driven down the profit of my store, but I still get by, and my family has loved me for it. How the FUCK am I one of those fat cats, you bastards?!?"

Justin, one of the 99%: "JP Morgan Chase's headquarters! Torch it!"

Jack, one of the 99%: "No, they've got security. And guns. And that building is way too big. One ear of corn at a time, Justin. Lets not work too hard now."

Mother of a dead child to Jack: "You guys killed my son! He was 10 years old!"

Jack, one of the 99%: "Lets put it this way, mam, at least he can't grow up to be an evil fat cat."
by SpecialK619 May 28, 2013
A group of activists believing that by yelling loudly enough some slogans they don't fully understand about some economic concepts they don't even begin to comprehend, they can change an economic situation they don't really like into a better one that they haven't quite defined yet.
"Fuck you, damn corporations! Save the environment! Save the poor! Save the whales! Stop AIDS! Screw all you evil banker people! Occupy Wall Street!"
by Zer0T October 11, 2011
An astroturf movement made up of Women's Studies and Art History majors who think it's society's/capitalism's fault that high-paying jobs aren't falling out of the sky for them.
The Occupy Wall Street children are busy tweeting on their Apple Macbooks about how horrible capitalism is while sipping their Starbucks coffee and texting their friends on their Motorola/Apple/Google smartphones.
by gr4pe sod4 November 17, 2011
Group of anti-semitic idiots who want to abrogate many of the freedoms that Americans currently possess.
Occupy Wall Street attempted to kidnap Jamie Dimon in Seattle.
by m8e815u January 12, 2012
A bunch of delusional losers who WISH they represented 99% of society, in reality they represent more like 0.1%
Mike: There was like, 1,000 people at the park today maaaaan. This movement is huge! Viva la revolution! Occupy Wall Street! We are the 99%!

Jeff: Only 18,000 more and it's be the size of average NY Knicks home game!
by Bozobozo November 25, 2011
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