Litteraly means "Hidden" in Latin.
The study of the unknown and unseen, what may be described as "Metaphysical" or Esoteric (as opposed to Exoteric).
Is certainly NOT limited to Satanism or Wicca, infact many practicing Occultists are CHRISTIANS, or Gnostics moreover.
Occultists seek the "Light in the Darkness" and the Cause of causes; what is REALLY happening as opposed to what you are told is happening, and to see the world without perspective (Gnosis).
Wrongly persecuted by Christianity and the masses for falsey based assumptions and superstitions.
The Christian Qabalah. Occult orders such as the O.T.O. or the Golden Dawn
by Frtr93 November 07, 2005
Top Definition
1. Having to do with parnanormal or metaphysical activity and/or phenomena

2. The unseen; hidden

3. Understanding and practice of sacred knowledge possesed only by those worthy of it
Shay'oul is a student of the occult
by Shay'oul December 19, 2003

2.Various intimate practices and beliefs collected from many points throughout history that stress individual assessment and interaction with the Divine/universe/existance/etc. The occult discourages blind acceptance and usually involves magickal practice.

Examples of occult paths include (and are not exclusive to):

by Jennifer93 July 10, 2006
the thing which is very dangerous for dabblers to mess with.
Occult (in) practice involves the use of magick.
by Ashtarte March 30, 2010
I piss on your sacred "top secret" knowledge and on YOU with your holier than thou snobbery that makes you think that YOU are worthy and others are not.

What you really do is brainwash people who you deem unworthy to receive your special brainwashing techniques.If they were deemed worthy("evil") by you then you would depart your sacred secret brainwashing knowledge unto them so that they could manipulate others.

You are a child of the devil.
by HELL AWAITS March 09, 2005

See also, Satanism
secret hand lotion available only to those hot dog milkers worthy to receive it
by bite my shiny metal ass February 22, 2005
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