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A description of the area around one that may contain things that are obscene; which could include things that are ridiculous, offensive, lewd, or a combination of any of these.

Objects spotted in nature that obviously look like something that could be construed as sexual or perverted in any way.
As I walked into the club, I took in the obscenery around me; half naked girls dancing, drinking, and debauchery aplenty surrounded me.

"Oh man, did you see how much bling that dude what wearing? Thats pure obscenery!"

Dustin: "Dude, did you just see the knot in that tree we walked past? It looked like a dick!"
Joe: "Hey, your right, you don't even have to be dirty minded to see blatant obscenery like that."
#obscenery #obscene #rediculous #perverted #dirty #induendo #dirty-minded
by finkalink December 18, 2008
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