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a state of unawareness or total disconnection from whats going on. social oblivion means being completely distant from everyone socially, like what happens to a guy/girl when he/she is dumped because basically everyone forgets him/her
"Hey, have you seen Noah lately?"
"No man, he's totally in a state of social oblivion. must be 'cause he broke up with Holly the other day."
by underage thinker June 14, 2006
The most mysterious world that has ever been conceived.Most people around Cyrodiil have heard of the strange "Oblivion Gates" appearing everywhere,most of them have only heard rumors.Honestly,no one really knows about what had really happened at Kavatch,all we know is,Oblivion is a vast pit filled with deamons,and few survive this onslaught of choas.Your best bet to survive is to bring some strong potions of healing and a glass claymore.
A wild deadra spawned from the flaming hell that is Oblivion.
by deerinheat September 25, 2006
-The fourth installation of the Elder Scroll's series, possibly one of the most addicting games ever known to man besides masturbating. Side effects cause loss of friends (real ones not virtual), whitening of the skin until the point of translucency, being disowned by your parents, losing your job, and in all cases, inevitable death.
I picked up a copy of oblivion today, I also made my will, published my obituary, made last calls to my friends and family, pre-ordered 1500 boxes of hot-pockets and NOS, installed the game on my computer and lived in a constant state of braingasm until my death in the plains of Bruma three thousand years in the past.
by Grizzled80 August 19, 2009
The reason I don't have friends.
I thought the Khajiits in Oblivion WERE my friends...
by Pale Nerd April 09, 2011
an awesome song by Mastodon! off the album "Crack the Skye"
"Oblivion" is the first track off the new album
by gingerA.L.E. April 03, 2009
A fuckin kick-ass game. Assuming your computer/Xbox doesn't explode when you start it due to lack of awesomeness, it's the best game in the history of gaming. Amazing graphics and endless gameplay and over 100 quests scattered all over Cyrodiil. Side effects include weight loss/weight gain, dull hair, putrid scent, pale skin, weakness to sunlight, loss of house, loss of boyfriend/girlfriend, drastic change in schedule, and loss of job.
Me: Wanna come over to my place an play some oblivion? Just don't expect to see the sun for awhile.

Nick: Nah, I'm a moronic assbrain who only plays Halo. I can't play oblivion due to lack of sweetness.
by Invisible_Bunny December 07, 2008
The end of fear, as told said by The Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane) in Batman: Arkham Asylum after Batman is defeated by him.
"And at the end of fear...oblivion." - Scarecrow
by Neiyou Spyder May 09, 2011