One of the rappers alive, hell, one of the best of all time actually. His lyricism isnt all that, but his flow and delivery make up for it. He possibly has the 2nd best debut album of all time (Nas has the 1st), its called "Cheers" released in late 2003. Every track on that album is straight dope! It's one of those albums you can listen to from start to finish. Also his latest album "Special Reserve" is one of the best albums of all time, all though its his latest album, all of those tracks were recorded from 1997-2000.

Record Label: He was signed to Shady Records (Eminem's Record Label) from 2000-2008 he left because Eminem thought he was dissing the label on a song when he wasnt. He is now apart of Black Market Ent.
Obie Trice is straight dope, he can spit for real. Be sure to check out "Bottom's Up" coming out this year in 2010.
by Obie Trice Is Awesome April 16, 2010
Obie Trice is at best a mediocre rapper from Detroit, that in his own mind has reached stardom by playing back up singer to Eminem. In reality he is a nobody and relies on telling people he's in a group with Eminem in order to gain entry to shitty bars/clubs for free.
Club Employee: Covers ten
Obie Trice: I'm Obie Trice
Club Employee: Yea, I'm Mike; covers still ten
Obie Trice: I'm in a group with Eminem... Eminem Man!
by mrmma November 01, 2007
Mediocre rapper from Detroit on Eminem's Shady Records.
"Obie Trice doesn't realize that stating 'Real Name, No Gimmicks' is a gimmick within itself."
by Not Darius January 04, 2006
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