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a kick ass street art campaign!

obeygiant is awsome
by 5-STAR October 01, 2003
85 44
Obey giant is a group of urban anti govermont propaganda taggers. There most popular meber is Shepard Fairey who created the Obama hope image and the famouse andre the giant tag which under it is the words "OBEY" Some other well know things from Obey giant are Mr.Spray, Zepplin Mothership, and the Obey fist. The organization was started in 1989 ands image have been even featured of the Obey giant in many Tony Hawk games,(Tony Hawks Underground 2, Tony Hawks American Wasteland.) and other well know popculture items.
Obey giants website is:
by Clint..... January 29, 2010
48 17
art treason, exploiting an underground volunteer street art phenomenon, turning something subversive into something corporate. Proof that you need to define and can't just keep contradicting because you end up destroying the art for commercial gain when you stake out no values.
Obey Giant is a registered trademark. The corporation says it is still street art legitimate. But it turned into another lame boutique style brand.
by rusl December 01, 2005
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