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Obermuller (often spelt Obermüller) translates directly from German as "The chief miller".

Therefore, should one inherit this as their surname, they have come from a long line of only the best Germanic bread makers.

The several qualities possessed by any "Obermüller" are: A good eye for bread; .
Peasant: Hello there, Mister Obermuller (sp. Obermüller) - what bread should I buy?

Mr Obermüller: You probably can't afford bread.

Peasant: I can, I think.

Mr Obermüller: Oh. OK. That one. (Mr Obermüller points to a sturdy, quality loaf of bread - which the peasant cannot afford. Mr Obermüller sniggers, before promptly buying the loaf of bread he had recommended to the poor peasant).


Idiot: Haaaaa - Obermüller... like "müller" the yogurt...

Mr/Mrs/Miss/Doctor/probably someone called Dennis Obermüller: No.

Idiot: Oh.

Mr/Mrs/Miss/Doctor/probably someone called Dennis Obermüller: Quite.
by Touching-myself-at-sundown March 21, 2011
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