a wide pudgy load of beasty obesity. (ex- a dumb fat girl who thinks she's anorexic but actually she's a load of life who needs to run a brush through her hair)
Girl #1: She is SO FAT
Girl #2: I know, she is OBESE
Girl #3: No, she's just a beast.
Everyone else: NO SHE'S OBEAST.
by kittycatextreme April 21, 2009
Originalbeast. The total opposite of a hypebeast. When around the presence of an obeast, a hypebeast will shriver and possibly spontaneously combust into flames, though this is just a theory.
"Kanye West is obeast, because of the fact of how hypebeasts model themselves afterhim."

"Damn, no sb's. Just retro jays. Hella obeast."
by ajphizzles January 25, 2009
A very fat gluttonous person.
As a result of over eating, the family became obeast
by maciam November 05, 2013
A horribly fat and ugly person. It is a combination of "obese" and "beast."
Hey look it's the fattest girl in the school. She's a real obeast!
by Slippy Slippy Sir February 02, 2013
A very muscular individual who has a BMI of greater than 30, but maintains less than 10% body fat. Mass for this individual is located mostly in the skeletal muscle tissue although the BMI scale categorizes them as obese.
Frank: "Dude, I'm so fat! My BMI is 35"
Steve: "Nah dude, you're solid muscle. You are totes obeast!"
by FattyMcBlunt420 August 31, 2012
A fat person who, instead of being gluttonous and/or lazy, they are productive and usually inspire others to be like them, or do things like them.
"Oh, my gosh! That fat man just did a backflip on a skateboard while performing CPR on an infant while taching the elderly how to do the bernie! He's so OBEAST!!!"
by Smurphlicious October 23, 2011
(noun) An overweight or obese male that in spite of his physical condition is sexually appealing, especially to fit, attractive members of the opposite sex.

(adj) describes an overweight or obese male that can attract beautiful women with charm, intelligence, or character.
"John hooked up with ANOTHER girl from the club. He weighs 80lbs more than me and has had four dates this month. He is obeast."

"What an obeast. I can't believe that chubby dude is making out with that hot chick."
by piscesdreamer July 03, 2009

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