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The "Chosen One" of the Democratic party. He is believed by some brain-dead liberals to be the "Messiah" who will become a world leader and deliver them from the evil conservatives. He is believed to possess supernatural powers and can perform miracles.
The "Obamessiah" can give 95% of the American people a tax cut and still give them everything they ever wanted.
by Hitman4Ever October 18, 2008
The new leader of the democrat party indicated by the euphoric evangelical opiate induced trance-like gaze that overwhelms the crowd at a Barack Obama campaign rally.
"So many passed out when Obamessiah appeared that I thought he was going to lay hands on the crowd and heal us of our American attitudes."
by mecicon February 22, 2008
1: To claim Greatness without providing any evidence as to why.

2: The act of charming mindless followers to beleive you are a Great Leader.

3: A person who can convince a crowd he is something New by repeating the same failed policies of the past.
This has alllll been tried before! He is just another obamessiah
by sleepwalker December 26, 2008
A name given to Barack Obama by people who mistake him for the Messiah.
Guy 1: Jesus is MY Messiah.

Radical Obamunist: Well mine is the one, the only, Obamessiah, because of all of his hope and change that he's gunna bring us.

Guy 1:0_o Oh my, you've been Obambamboozled, just like the rest of them.
by MARIOFREAK821 April 18, 2009