A play on the word Obama, as in Barack Obama, and the word abomination, as in something bad. Stephen Colbert has a Colbert Nation, so Barack Obama would naturally have an "Obamanation". This word is meant to illustrate the differences between candidate Obama and President Obama; especially those criticisms made by left-wing pundits such as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.
The state of our nation is an Obamanation.
I'd rather have a Colbert Nation than an Obamanation.
I told you we'd end up with an Obamanation when we all went out to vote.
by Revolutionary C-LoC January 31, 2010
the taking over of the country by a democrat named barack obama.
Watch out, here comes the obamanation!
by tcsoftball April 01, 2009
To completely destroy a nation, economy, or constitution.
The seconnd amendment faces obamanation in the year 2009.
by truth thats right January 10, 2009
terrible, abominable, the worst ever.
That terror attack was an obamanation!
by sea-urchin May 04, 2010
Obamanation is synonomous with the word "apocalypse", which means the end of the world... yeah, I went there.
1. Newscaster: With Barack Obama's election, the world has finally reached Obamanation.

2. Random man: OH NO!!! The Obamanation is spreading. Quick!!! Enter the bomb shelters, we must prepare.
by The WTF blanket... March 18, 2009
Under the control of Barack Obama
The USA is a complete Obamanation now
by awesome0oo January 27, 2009
The motive influenced towards African American people (blacks) who feel that they are in charge since we have a black president and or feel that they deserve money and benefits.
Talking back to a line judge during a tennis match because of a questionable call, or interrupting an acceptance speech of a white country girl because a black singer didn't win.
Thinking that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 results in receiving a check in the mail. Obamanation
by Rushtastic September 15, 2009

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