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To say or do something really stupid. Comes from the moments when President Barack Obama's is not using a teleprompter, or it breaks, and says something really stupid. i.e. him saying he visited 57 states during the election, the Beer Summit fiasco, healthcare reform.
I had an Obama Moment and told my mother-in-law we did it on their bed when we were dating.
by SheilaPrince August 08, 2009
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When everyone in America watches the biggest liar on the face of the planet, walk up on a stage on national television to be sworn in to one of the most important jobs in the world, and everyone (except the blindless idiot liberals who believe everything he said) is waiting for the peace-bringing sound of a bullet whiz through the air and take the man who has decieved the entire country off his feet. Followed by large dissapointment when that sweet bullet never comes and everyone wonders what could have been.
Dang! I had a party for the moment America was saved! Sadly the US is still in the hands of a terrorist. Well i guess it was an Obama moment.
by America786 July 07, 2010
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A feeling for the need of CHANGE, or having to change something.
I feel like I'm having an Obama moment right now. I want some change.
by Jellybean411 January 29, 2009
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