The soon to be President of the divided states of america. Has no first or middle name and is simple known by one name "obama". By having a piece of nearly every religion and ethnicity in him diverts people to vote for him on those sole reasons when he is in actuality a hand puppet.
(educated) "Who'd you vot for?"
(illiterate) "Obama man hes everywhere!"
(educated) "oh, what do you support him on?"
(illiterate) "uhm I dont know but the media says he's the right choice."
by xSkylar December 16, 2008
the pimp of the '08 election.
obama is just self explanatory.
f mccain hes old
by Jake the nasty September 23, 2008
the 1st BIracial president of the united states. mistaken to be the 1st black president and is also mistaken for a fuckin muslim.
black man: obama is the 1st black president, HOORAY!
republican: yeah, hes also a muslim.
middle class white man: if he is a muslim why didnt he swear in on the koran instead of the holy bible?
republican: UH!
middle class white man: and he is NOT the 1st black president, he is the 1st BIracial president. there is a difference, he would not be as intelligent as he is if he were all black. and he was also raised by his white grandparents. that was the difference maker
by runn141 May 13, 2009
The man we don't want in office. He wants universal health care, to raise taxes, and to close down small businesses. Also, Obama supports partial-birth abortion,no medical care for children who survive abortion, isolationism, goes mainly on charisma and youth, has dangerous associations with people such as William Ayers,Jeremiah Wright, Father Phleger,Tony Rezko,and the anti-Semite and black supremacist Louis Farrakhan.

He is also a Christian who is a great family man with a committed wife and two children, but he is somewhat misguided. I pray for him.
Obama was the only Senator of 100 to oppose medical care for children in the early 2000s.
by A proud Christian Republican September 04, 2008
a synomous slang word for "Change" among college students and young Americans.
Hey yo, Gimme the remote, I gonna Obama the channel.
by double As February 16, 2008
A guy that no one really knows his race..............but he is the President of The United States. He might be the antichrist!
Who is the president oooya "That guy"...........obama
by vrebbeast September 07, 2009
The conman Jessy Jackson wanted to be. The first black who was able to con enough whites into believing that voting for him will somehow make everything right. Obama will do for the country what black mayors have done for their cities. If obama is elected there will be no incompetence, no corruption and, we will enter into a golden age just like East St Louis, and New Orleans. If obama is not nominated it will tear the Dem's apart, because blacks and liberals will stay home to punish Cilton, and the bushies will win.
Whats the main difference between Obama and Carter? Obama hasn't had to deliver yet.
by wjc April 09, 2008

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