A president like any other, the only difference is hes black(WTFF, stop putting so much emphasis on that).

A president viewed as the salvation of America but receives loads of praise though nothing has been done yet, and people need to shut up, quit fighting let him do his job and don't put someone who hasn't done jack yet on a pedestal.

He did not break any barriers, the barriers were broken ages ago, no one of another race has one and gotten majority vote, so really he's just the first to take a shot at it, he hit big deal. You can call him a glorious leader when he pulls us out of the hole, until then shut your traps, do your jobs, and let him do his
Person 1:Obama is our savior hes done so much hes broken many barriers, no one would let him be president
Person 2:He did nothing yet, give him some time before worshiping him
Person 1:Your a racist Nazi Fascist pig i bet you don't give your money to drug addicts like i do
Person 2: All i saying is give him some time hes yet to do anything he will but shut up until he does, and don't bring race into this
by GW_Watchman October 31, 2009
the first black president of the united states who, by the way, is very overrated.
"oh my gawd, its Obama ! he's gunna fix all our problems just like we thought bush would 4 years ago!"

"Yuhp, this one's gunna be a shocker"
by chyeezy freese (; January 21, 2009
An individual seen in both educated and younger voter circles as a fresh voice in American politics. Often seen in a "too good to be true," dissent. He is edgy, yet reserved. This half blessing, half curse leads some to the conclusion that his statements include a 'double-meaning' texture that is judged against the current administrations flat and often blatantly noninclusive fashion of reason.
Guy One: It is cold in here.

Guy Two: No it isn't, are you speaking to some higher plateau of your seemingly honest statement, such as 'the nature of this conversation is uncomfortably impersonal?'

Guy One: No, I mean quite literally that the temperature is slightly lower than would be comfortable.

Guy Two: You said "quite," so I'm probably not voting for you, Obama, fancy man.
by Haenus Anus May 20, 2008
Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America. Ground breaking history for America, as the first record black president,but that is where it ends.Congrats America on that.

Obama was anointed and mentored by William Ayers for a revolutionary purpose. And that REVOLUTON is near. Barack Obama is merely a puppet dangling on the strings of a Socialist agenda.

Millions of dollars have been bundled and funneled to Obama from George Soros, Tony Rezko, David Axelrod, Auchi and William Ayers, under the "millionaire exception" loopholes. Wake Up! Far Left radicals now control the media outlets and they are attempting to buy the US Presidency. They are furthering their personal agendas by spending their dollars - while Senator Barack Obama is busy making the CHANGE.

George Soros is his best known backer and he and other finanaciers persuaded Obama to run even though he had not plans to do so as he stated in an interview with Tim Russert on Meet the Press. it has been Soros goal to take over the USA for some time now and to turn it into another EU with him at the helm. he has put his money where his mouth is and i am sure that he and other speculators have helped to drive up the price of oil to futher destabilize the prices and the dollar so the people will believe that Obama can step in and save them...Obama is mistake free and teflon where the press and his supporters are concerned and nothing this man does or says will change their minds, except for a few who actually think for themselves.
Obama is a great puppet, Obama made history in the 2008 election as the first black president, and Obama is a cool guy.
by Kevzen June 28, 2009
1. A person of mixed race.

2. Having a black father and Caucasian mother.
Dan isn't really black, he's an obama.
by rabidcomics January 29, 2009
1.Obama. Accomplishments? being black. this in a sense is a good thing, but is it really worth having a fucking dumbass in the white house? he's not really even black, not native to america, is a socialist liberal....and i think he is also a homosexual. the media is the only reason he won the damned election, and he went to a anti white church for 20 years, and denies ever believing all the BS they fed him?

2.they said a black man would be president after picks could fly, 100 days after Obama's election, swine flu.
3. spoken of poorly in the presence of blacks = the shit beaten out of you
(I'm not racist)
guy 1:I agree with obama we need change, but I strongly appose Obama's idea for the stimulus package.
guy 2 (black): NIGGA YOU RACIST!
by CANNABALISM! March 18, 2010
The current president of the United States of America. Elected into office by people who are either jaded into thinking that all conservatives think like Bush, white people who want to appear progressive because they're voting for a black person into office without looking at his background or experience, black people who've never voted before, but vote now without doing any kind of research about him because he's a 'brother' or the 'Hope' ads made them think it's cool to vote for him, or the occasional rational being who voted for him because they weighed thier options and figured he'd be better than McCain.
Johnny: Are you voting for Obama or McCain?

Hank: I don't know, they're both kinda douches :P
by Coasterface February 18, 2009

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