Someone who understands and loves everyone. except poor working class whites. A bullshitter whose bullshit is wearing thin.
If I said about poor working class blacks what obama said about poor working glass whites I'd be denounced as a racist.
by yorkie stomper April 16, 2008
Uneducated black man who can not read nor write. When given financial problems, he begins to play tic-tac-toe all over the paper as well as drawing his way out of the word maze on the different bills to pass in congress.
"Oh man look hes an Obama." yells the class
"Now class be nice to Mr. Obama, just because he can not read nor write does not mean he is not capable.. well.. never mind class, he is not." giggles the teacher

"Take away from the rich and give to the people who never worked a day in their lives, and lets close down all the elementary schools because they make me feel stupid!" Speaks Obama
by makingyouthink March 13, 2010
the untouchable 44th President of the Unites States Of America.
Any and all criticisms of his actions and decisions are automatically thought to be because of his race, thus making him impenetrable to constructive criticism and advice.
Laurah: Ah, I don't agree with Obama on this new stimulus package... personally, I would change a few things...

by Laurah:] April 19, 2009
a clueless, parasitic boot lip leeching off the taxpayers...
Here comes the neighborhood obama, bastard hasn't worked a real job a day in his life...
by juandos February 28, 2008
The winner of "President Idol" and the Main character in "President Evil - The world on one mans shoulders"
Respected for his skin colour and not his intelligence, Obama has on some occasions appeared in the senate though its been speculated he got lost while looking for the bathroom and just so happened to stumble in there during session.

If americans had any sense they would have voted for Dumbledoor for present and thats perfectly legal considering nither of them are american citizens.
And the winner is... Obama!
by Searchlights. April 16, 2010
noun: acronym: One Big Ass Mistake, America!

verb: To have most of your money taken away by the president of the USA.
- "I can't believe that bill passed!"
- "I know, we all made an huge OBAMA!"

- "Dude, my taxes just hit 80%"
- "Man, you've been Obama'd!"
by the dude from localhost November 23, 2009
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