a dumbass nigga who is runnin america cause americans were bein idiots
Obama is a dumbass nigga.
by whiteperson123 March 25, 2010
a token black guy.
they chose that obama so as to give people the impression, it was not in anyway racist.
by Ron_Paul August 27, 2008
One Big Ass Mistake America
Obama is one big ass mistake
by muddin_cowgirl October 18, 2010
To spend and never know how it will be payed for - to obama.
I'm going to the mall to obama this credit card which I just got in the mail.
by Man78787 March 03, 2010
Substitute for "god dam it!!" or "son of a bitch"
by bullwinkle is obama September 04, 2008
Not the first black person to ask for change.
Hobo: Could i have some change please?
Person: Obama said the same thing.
by Prid95 June 24, 2009
Native American for Compulsive Spending habit with other people's money.

The people who obsessively back Obama are the couch surfers and free loaders that bum smokes and money for pot; regardless of how broke or bankrupt the other person is.
My sibling pulled an Obama by spending MY bottom dollar on her bartab.
by SchmoeyII April 03, 2009

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