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Breakfast consisting of rolled whole-grain oats boiled in water, you goddamn faggots. Its not sex or gay sex or oral sex or any of this bullshit you dumb fucking faggots!
I ate Oatmeal for breakfast.
by T4C January 17, 2005
An breakfast consisting of warmed oats and water... quite tasty! its not a pussy you pervs!
Mom can I have oatmeal for breakfast
by miss peeniz biznatch November 08, 2003
Frosty's original name
Let's name the snowman Oatmeal!
by T-Dog Jenkins June 12, 2004
Tyron Brown and John Smith went out for breakfast. Tyron ordered grits, and John ordered oatmeal.
by GMODAMAN June 30, 2010
the cure for aids..
Derion: I've been itching lately. I think I have AIDS.
Mariah: Awww, would you like some oatmeal?
by Thatsexychicwithoatmeal January 07, 2013
oat⋅meal /ˈoʊtˌmil, -ˈmil/ Show Spelled Pronunciation oht-meel, -meel –noun

1. meal made from ground or rolled oats.
2. a cooked breakfast food made from this.
3. a girl who has had sexual intercourse with at least three members of Omega Alpha Tau.
After Josh and Ben had their way with Carin, Mike Brewer utilized the reverse cowgirl position to close her out and complete the oat-meal.
by Big Don Kolich March 26, 2009
The most orgasmic food in the world

it also helps you prevent getting diabetes!
"i just ate some oatmeal."

"My mouth just had an orgasm, because of the delicious instant oatmeal."

"my mom started to freak out and though i was getting diabetes, so to make her stop, i started eating oatmeal. after a week of oatmeal everyday i finally understood that oatmeal was the most amazing thing in the world."
by Championhannahsaurusrex January 31, 2009
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