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Drama filled fuckface of a school full of "swagg" fags and overly dramatic bitches that try to kill themselves by either attempting to drown themselves or pop Tylenol. Teachers there expect you to become like there shit eating fuckface children astronomers and space cadets. They make you wear pointless uniforms, claiming that they make you look more professional in a sense but truly nobody gives fuck. All the girls are either prude as fuck or just plain slutty, actually let me rephrase that they try and act slutty. Girls spend almost all day complaining about how a guy broke there heart or how fat they are are how they deserve better, but they are all shallow scum that try and act slutty, they go for "super hot" guys from other schools and dont realize that they are just using them for pussy. Guys there try and act big and hard but in reality they wont last a day in any other city but cape coral, oh and all guys talk about how much pussy they get, but evidently they probably get more cock then pussy in the locker rooms. We are called a tech school because we get to use laptops for school work but at times we arnt allowed to use them (even tough they sold them to us during freshman year for 10x its original price) because dumbass kids play Cod4 or loners sit in corners jerking it to there unblocked porn.
Stranger: "Hey what school you go to?"

Overly dramatic queer from oasis charter high school: "I go to oasis!!"

Stranger: "LMFAO your gay!"

Overly dramatic queer from oasis charter high school: "Im gonna attempt to go kill myself :/"
by lettheworldburn666 October 23, 2012

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