A Southern town in Ontario...in which the Oakvillian's like to go to parties and chill with their friends. But of course, Mississaugan's and other cities love to make fun of Oakville for entertainment because they litterally have nothing else to do in their little ghettos. Some of the things one might hear about O-Town is: They're all rich, snobby people who get everything they want....well if we got what we wanted all the time, we wouldn't have jealous, welfare people beside us now would we? And OF COURSE we must not forget that everyone LOVES the OC....only 13 year olds like the OC...oh...and ambercrombie...no no...we all prefer gucci, prada, and especially louis vuittion....that was a joke...we shop at the same damn places as the rest of you! Garage...Bluenotes...etc...and if you come into oakville, sure you might see tons of Benz's and Lincoln's...but honestly...it's a friggin car!!!...it's not our fault if you people can only afford the toilets on wheels for transport!...but i guess that's our fault because it's not like we help ya'll with your welfare.....OOPS I GUESS WE DO!! oh..and another thing...NO ONE i mean NO ONE in O-Town says chate, that is the stupidest word my eyes have ever read! Oh...and i forgot...yes, to live in oakville, you usually need to be somewhat wealthy because the demand to live here is growing because it's COOL!, so ya, we can afford great houses with roofs that don't leak, and that arent infested with things that crawl...why? because our PARENTS bought the house...and didnt wanna be classified as poor people if they lived in mississauga....just stating the facts...but...Oakville..tons of stuff to do...hot people...and we've got some jealous haters who have nothing else to do in their boxes on the coners of streets...
Mississaugian:: You Jokevillians think you're SoOOOO rich...
Oakvillian:: Well...compared to you i guess most would
Mississaugian:: F00! Why ya say dat?!?!
Oakvillian::..Your house is a flippin box!!!
Mississaugian:: Well...at least i drive a Neon!
Oakvillian: Because of our parent's taxes going towards your welfare
Mississaugian:: Dannggg, dat's tru but...uh...at least we have stuff to do here!
Oakvillian:: Really...like go to your Let's make fun of Oakville meetings? Or spraypaint their signs? Yes, because Oakville doesnt do that..they go to parties and chill with their friends..DANG BIATCH WHO GOT TOLD NOW?!?!?
by richbiatch August 15, 2005
Full of MIDDLE class people with a few upper class families thrown in the mix. Despite this fact, all or almost all citizens of Oakville consider themselves of the latter category, likely the result of some sort of superiority complex. The average house price in Oakville is approximately $300,000, comparable to the other suburbs of Toronto, with a few nice houses and rich families thrown in mostly along the lake. If you go to OT, you are not rich, otherwise you would go to Appleby, which is funny considering most kids at Appleby arn't even from Oakville! It's time for you people to grow up and realize there are richer people and bigger houses in many other areas of Ontario like Bridal Path in Toronto, or Southern Mississauga.
People in Oakville whose parents lease a 3-series BMW and live in a 2000 square foot bungalow built in the 1970's think they rich! Get over yourselves! Youre pathetic!
by Chezy November 23, 2005
A town just south of Toronto housing some of the richest people in Canada. Most of the girls are pompous with rich dads who buy them everything. Most of the guys drop of of university and leech off of their parents.
"Yo, Oakville's sort of boring. And daddy won't buy me a new Mercedes."
"That's cool. Let's do zoomers and watch the OC."
by Johnson123 May 20, 2005
Oakville is a place where white kids wanna be black and black kids wanna be white. The upper class wants to be in a Abercombie commercial, and the girls are wannabee models. Not to include the "high class" twits who suck they're parents money away and will probably not move out til they are 30. Not only that but they're parents will probably have to make the downpayment.
Life is rough when you come from the mean streets of oakville....right....fags
Mom: Son would you like a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich
Billy: Sure Ma, that would be great.
Mom: You know your 32 and unemployed maybe its time to get a job? or maybe your own place?
Billy: Well mom i'm really trying to focus on beating Donky Kong this summer and going to Sharkeys
Mom: Well okay, do you want animal crackers with your sandwhich
Billy: Do I ever....OAKVILLE
by GunShow21 September 14, 2005
a rich city with rich ppl, also filling up with "binders" it doesnt matter if we speak english or not, we are rich and taking over, ass
white boy - you brown ppl are crowding up my town

brown person - kiss my ass before i slap u with my wallet
by punjabi27 August 23, 2005

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