The best place in the world.
Missisauga suck hairy testies.
Oakville Kid:Hey you going to Scott's party tonight?
Missisauga Kid:No I'm going to engage in acts of beastiality with my hampster tonight.
Oakville Kid:I'm not surprised your just like every other kid from Missisauga
by Oakville Kid1 August 18, 2008
yeah yeah .. Oakville is a rich town .. we all know that, but its really jsut the downtown area, i mean yeah there are a few complexes in upper Oakville with huge hosues, but there really not as big as you think.

I dont understand why there is such a rivalry going on between Oakville and Mississauga, theres rich people in mississauga too.

I used to live in Mississauga and now live in Oakville, to tell you the truth its jsut as muh fun over there as it is here.
A party is a party, its jsut as much fun in mississauga and it is in Oakville
by volim te December 28, 2007
Oakville is my home and while I go to school with some of the richest kids in this town, not everyone is like that. I love the O.C. and the majority of my wardrobe is abercrombie, but I don't live on lakeshore, I live in clearview, oh I'm sorry "the heights". My mom drives a mini-van not a mercedes, through my friends parents, and some of my friends do. Everyone loves starbucks, it's not just an Oakville thing; and we have a serious drug problem here. I go to OT and some of the stereotypes are true, but not all of them. The only people who say chate are the popular guys in my class who think it's cool, it's not. People need to calm down about Oakville if you live here great, if you don't get over it.
Oakville kid: OMG I loveeeee being soooo rich!
Missisauga kid: I wish i lived in oakville
Me: Oakville is just fine, calm down
by oakvillian January 17, 2013
A town in Ontario, Canada.
Contrary to popular belief, no one says 'chate'. Stores like Aero, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Hollister are not 'cool', but for elementary schoolers. Since everyone has a rich daddy you should be wearing designer. You need at least one pair of Nikes or you ain't shit. You play hockey or basketball or you ain't shit.

Even though Oakville is a good half hour outside of Toronto, every white boy's Instagram bio will have a reference to 'the 6ix', Drake, or the Weeknd. Girls pretend to listen to rap and white boys brag about sex they don't have. Weed is the super popular and not even a surprise for someone under 16 to smoke it.

There are several high schools in Oakville, and it's very important which one you go to.
Holy Trinity-everyone smokes weed, everyone's violent, pretty wild party school.
St. Thomas Aquinas-everyone's smart as hell and open about it, lots of sluts, but not a big party school
Iroquois Ridge-literally the type of average high school you see on TV. Lots of annoying people but mostly normal kids
White Oaks-who goes to White Oaks?
Oakville Trafalger- WILD.

If you ever visit, stay away from Kerr Street.
"Man, Oakville sure got me feeling some type of way."
by yolk man May 25, 2015
A town in Southern Ontario where all the upper class take their Mercedes Benz's to so they don't have to look out their window and see the filth that lives in Mississauga. Contrary to popular belief, no one in Oakville says 'chate' except for those who attend the high school Iriquois Ridge, which really isn't even a part of Oakville. The richest in Oakville go to Oakville Trafalgar High School and Appleby College, and the average student at these institutions can buy the average Mississauga house by the age of 9.
Mississauga Kid- Oakville is gay!
Oakville Kid- Sorry, I didn't hear you, I was thinking about my yacht and trust fund.
by Kyle S October 12, 2005
Some of the biggest punks and morons live here. They have managed to ruin what was once a great small town and turn it into a cesspool of coporate criminals(this is refered to as "working hard".) Stay away from the north, the absolute worst area. And avoid the, rich, snotty, moronic kids with no respect. or which ever part of the rich side of Toronto where they came from.

Missisauga kid: Man, I wish I lived in Oakville, but I don't, so I'll just diss it and pretend I'm glad I don't live there.
Oakville kid: Shut up and get a life.

(This is an example of what a stupid bubble kid with no concept of reality would write.)

I know all this because I live here, and I cannot wait to get the hell out.
"Oakville." kid: I wanna be rich like Conrad Black someday!
Toronto Kid: Get Lost.
Hamilton Kid: Get a job and contribute to society for once in your life.

This is a typical conversation with a Oakville kid

by oakville still blows chunks April 09, 2009
As someone who is from Oakville, it is hard to say good things in support of this town because the things many people stereotype oakville for being are entirely true. Chate is a commonly used word, people love the OC, people drive nice cars, there are princesses galore, and yes there is more ignorance then white blondes. This town is a prime example of everything that is wrong with our society because the young men and women it produces do not have any idea what the real world is like. No one see's poverty, violence, or crime behind their hightech security systems in their air conditioned houses. Common sense left oakville 20 years ago and in its place are people who are truely ugly on the inside. I will openly admit that I live in here oakville but I always ask not to be judged because of it. Not everyone who lives here gets rich and marries a stepford wife, but many do, and the ones who dont usually end up a lot happier. So... if I had to define oakville I would say it is the most superficial place on earth... no offense to my fellow oakvillians.
The place where the only crime the police have to worry about is breaking up high school parties on the weekend is oakville. Im serious, that's it.
by sadgnslkf October 31, 2005
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