oakville is a suburban town located in ontario canada. it is really cool. there is a large population of teenagers here and they all like to shop at american eagle, hollister, and abercrombie and fitch. lacoste shirts are abundent. many watch the oc, laguna beach, greys anatomy and mtv in general. the boys are mostly goodlooking. not everyone is preppy however, there are also many skateboarders who are quite cool. and stoners as well. there are parties every weekend, drinking and getting high is not uncommon, however we arent a dirty-addicted to drugs town. cliques are common however you are still able to find some people who beneath all of the oakville idea have real personalities. the high schools here are cool.
oakville trafalger- hot musicians and skaters
abbey park- hot athletic preppy guys, a few good skaters
white oaks- we dont know
loyola- gangsters
iroquois- just..normal teenagers
blakelock- used to be rival to qep.

also, people think chate comes from here but some people...actually dont know what that means so we dont know about that.

there are many people who try to be gangsters however they are really stupid and people hate them...especially when they are white. and try be all g unit
hey we live in oakville..we are pretty nice
by oakvilleperson September 07, 2006
Oakville is a town in southern Ontario. It has more millionars per square capita then anywhere else in the world. The reason for this is that Ford motors Canadian head quaters is in Oakville, thus, making the land more expensive to live on because more jobs get pumped out there. This is also why "the heights" was started as homing for the workers.

There are also more rich folk because people get hired into high position jobs in toronto and get placed in oakville.

not everybody is rich in oakville and it is ignorant to beleive so. A lot of people are and good for them, good for the kids they will grow up with a more then anybody for it but I am not angry.

I do live in Oakville but I have never lived in a big house, yet, i am extremley fortunate to live in oakville, espically after many financel scares.
....oakville, it is a good place to live i guess.
by Anoyminous April 24, 2006
One of the richest cities in Canada, and most of us are really goddamn naive. SOME kids are all like "Yo biatch I don't take no shit fom yoo!" I tell those kids to get a life. No one really fights in OAkville. OAkville is a Suburbian area. We don't own yachts. HELL, I DON'T EVEN GET ALLOWANCE! We get a better education, we don't use guns, almost no one get murdered.
Missasauga Kid: Hey rich boi, don't go steppin' in mah city!
Me (oakville kid): GO fuck your self, you ghetto scumbag.
Missasauga Kid: Don't be hatin!
Me (oakville kid): Actually, considering the fact that you are WHITE, I'm not "Hatin", also, I'm not rich.
by Stephen J E November 27, 2005
A town nearby to Toronto. Oakville houses the rich families of the GTA and has the recognition of being the richest town in Canada. Contrary to popular belief, Oakville is not filled with stereotypes and is home to regular people. Granted, these regular people have parents who actually worked in College and University instead of smoking dope or messing around during their high school and university life. To set the record straight:

1. Never has anyone said "Chate" in my presence.
2. Yes, people here watch The O.C. so do people in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Hamilton.
3. Some of the girls here do look like Abercrombie and Fitch commercials; others however look like they belong in a Good Charlotte music video.
4. There is a drug problem in Oakville. There is a drug problem in Mississauga as well.
5. The entire friggin continent plays poker, we just play for money.
6. We have house parties. You're not invited.
7. Yes, we drive nice cars. This relates back to my point, people in Oakville actually worked for their money and worked hard.
8. Oakville is not stereotypical "Richtown". While the people here do have more money than you will ever see, we are not more shallow or have more wiggers here than anywhere else in Southern Ontario. In fact, we have less wiggers per square kilometer than any other Southern Ontario town.
9. We don't have more than one Lexus. That would be a waste of money, we diversify. Lexus, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and SUVs are all prevalent among families in Oakville.
10. Kids in Oakville are more likely to end up going to a decent University, getting a decent job and paying for your welfare checks than they are to live in their parents basements until they are thirty. Get your facts straight.

So, to all the people out in Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton and wherever else you might be, come to Oakville and see how it really is before you assume that because we have money, we have to be discriminated against.
Missisauga kid: Man, I wish I lived in Oakville, but I don't, so I'll just diss it and pretend I'm glad I don't live there.
Oakville kid: Shut up and get a life.
by weirdone93 December 04, 2005
Oakville is the biggest small town in the world. Kevin Bacon has 6 degrees of separation, well Oakville has 2. If you are from Oakville and you meet someone who knows another person from Oakville, either you know that Oakvillian, or one of your friends does.
This can be most widely seen at University, especially in Ontario, but with exceptions for out of province Universities like McGill, Dalhousie, and UBC.
Non-Oakvillian: "you're from Oakville? do you know Scotty?"
Oakvillian: "Hellllll ya we went to Iroquois together! That guy is insannnnnnne, he just had a party last week!"
by Poondogg April 07, 2006
A wealthy suburb just outside of Toronto bordering Lake Ontario. People from Oakville are held to many stereotypes, but contrary to popular belief we don't all sit at home watching The OC drinking Starbucks complaining about our Lexus'. Maybe we did watch The OC- when we were 13- but don't tell me people who aren't from Oakville didn't either. Starbucks is a coffee franchise- Sue me if I like my frappuccinos. And yes, maybe nice cars do cruise down Lakeshore- I'm sure there's plenty in other towns too. Just like how there's mansions, potheads and snobs in other towns as well. While it is true that Oakville is the wealthiest town in Canada, it is not true that we’re all rich snobs. The richest part of Oakville is by the lake where wealthy business men tear down old houses and use the land to build mansions. The rest of Oakville is filled with fairly new average/large size houses inhabited by good people. While it is also true many in Oakville smoke weed and say words like "chate" and "krawk" we’re filled with fairly well educated people. Not all of us are well off, but a good majority are. Oakville's residents consist of the rich, the elderly, and families with teenagers. We are all largely stereotyped by residents of Mississauga. Although some of us may fit the stereotypes in question, a majority of us don't and people from outside of town should get to know us before they diss our beautiful home. Hate Oakville? Take a walk along Bronte by the lake and then get back to me.
Oakville kid: My Mom's being so chate right now..;

Oakville kid: I got accepted in to Western!;

Mississauga kid: Man I hate Oakville. Its because I'm jealous that they're so awesome over there.;

Oakville Kid: Hey let's chill later
Missisauga Kid: Yeah! Those stupid stereotypes. You're cool.;

Long time Oakville resident: I'm glad I live in Oakville, its a beautiful town;

Oakville kid: Let's go get Starbucks in the Lexus. ;

Oakville kid: You up for some Tim Horton's? We can ride our bikes there;

Oakville kid: Man, these stereotypes sure are chate.
by Live.Love.Oakville. June 28, 2010
Oakville is right on Lake Ontario in Ontario, Canada. My teachers tell me that we live in a bubble and that we don't know what the "real" world is like, but this is the world and this is real, just because we haven't expierenced a troubled neighborhood doesn't mean we aren't living in a reality. This is my life, and this is where i live. I'm well off and so is practically everyone else here. I only moved here 2 years ago from B.C. and yet I feel safer and I feel as if this is a good place to be. When we first moved here we lived in Missisauga waiting for our house to be moved out of, and to tell you the truth, it ins't much different besides a different area code, a larger population and fewer rich people. It doesn't make it any worse. Alot of people on here define Oakville as a place of ignorance and discriminating against poorer people. I dont do that, my friends don't do that, and my friends friends don't do that, so who exactly is doing it? Oakville is just a good place to be, where people who work hard are able to buy a house in a nice middle class safe community. I don't exactly know why people are "hatin'" us, or why they think that we are "hatin'" on them. We're lucky to live in this community and we appreciate it, we don't rub it in peoples faces. This is my life, this is where I live, I hope that my life is part of the "real" world, and I hope that you understand my defenition.
Dundas Road .. where on one side it is Oakville and the on the other side it is Missisauga

Oakville Kid - Let's go to Famous Players
Oakville Kid's Friend - Sure
Missisauga Kid - Let's go to Best Buy
Missisauga Kid's Friend - Sure

Can you tell if your which side of Dundas your from?
by OakvilleKidL6J June 23, 2006
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