The portion of downtown Oakland near where Telegraph hits Broadway. In that area, there is a proliferation of medical marijuana clubs where people (usually with prescriptions) can buy marijuana and marijuana products without the fear of legal ramification.
I got the sack at a club in Oaksterdam.
by CK. April 01, 2005
Top Definition
noun; geographical location; Area between lake merrit and downtown oakland; medical use marijuana sales district from 1996-2004; adult use cannabis sales zone after passage of Oakland Cannabis Regulation and Revenue Ordinance nov. 2004
The cannabis cafes of OAKSTERDAM have revitalized a bleak area of urban decay in Oakland.
by rev hemp February 10, 2005
The city of Oakland. This word is a combination of Oakland and Amsterdam. Like Amsterdam, the city of Oakland has many store "clinics" to purchase marijuana. California laws allow citizens to purchase, smoke, and sell marijuana because of the plants proven healing properties.
I buy my weed downtown Oaksterdam.
by chilidulce November 12, 2006
Media nickname for Oakland, California when talking about the medical marijuana industry in that city. See: Amsterdam
Let's go to Oaksterdam and get some pot to get high!
by East Bay September 08, 2004
A satellite of the Amsterdam motive in Oakland, California. More than just a nickname for over a decade, also a new home for clinics, dispensaries, collectives, and subscribed club's & cafe's. For what was initially a cultural district, it founded it's own Medical Cannabis University in 2007.
Oaksterdam is amazing, there should be an Amsterland in the Netherlands as equal tribute.
by BatBoy November 25, 2013
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