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Oakland, a small shit hole town in Bergen County. The town of Oakland is set in a valley surrounded by the Ramapo Mountains, and is only a 30 minute drive from NYC. However, the town is ruined by the scum that fills it. Some families come from money and parade around in Bentleys like assholes, others blow serious money at the local bar. Another thing about Oakland that blows most outsider's minds is the fact that kids think using drugs and being an addict is "cool." Smoking blues (literally smoking a blue pill off of a piece of tin foil,) shooting heroin, popping molly, is cooler than being a star athlete. "Oakland, where smoking pot and drinking some beers is only cool if you are in second grade." The high school of Oakland is known as Indian Pills, where there isnt a single fight. Yet the kids that fill the halls think they are the toughest shit going. The police force of oakland is usually made up of locals. They smoke pot like cigarettes and drink like fish. The men in blue in this town are some real winners. Oakland has itself a lake, Lake Crystalé, despite its name it is not crystal clean, it is more a ses pool where the townies bring their children to swim in so they can get wasted and forget they live in Oakland. Some say the famous jibbergoon skater Matt Chirico lives in the very streets of Oakland, highly doubtful. Oakland, where being a slut and losing your virginity before you are even out of your mothers womb is normal.
Lets go to Oakland Nj and get KFC, and make sure you're strapped I heard the preppy lookin' tough white kids jump people for fun.

Before you go to Oakland, tuck your chain.

Oakland, where its hard growin up on the streets.
by Father bill buck August 23, 2013

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