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my hometown,packed with Chicanos and OGs riding their box chevys while the system plays any CD from Too $hort

the hometown of drug deals,prostitution,car jackings,hustlers,pimps,convicts,crime scene tape,chalk outlines,shell casings,and proud ass Raider fans

damn,i love oakland
oakland is the place to be!
by tha truth teller March 12, 2006
A city in California on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. A beautiful city with beautiful weather.

Oakland is known for its great sports teams, the A's and the Raiders. It is also known for its sideshows and high murder rate.
Oakland is a great place to take a vacation, because there are no other tourists there.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
NOT just a gehtto. Do dare to enter. Oakland has tons of hella nice areas. Rockridge, Clarmont, Downtown, Uptown, Grand Ave., The Oakland hills, and North Oakland are all really awsome. The topagraphy is beautiful too and it is right next to Berkeley which is hella cool and right across
the bay from San Francisco. So when someone tells you that oakland is just a huge ghetto, they're wrong.
Me "Hey dude wana just chill out in Pleasanton."

Justus: "Hell no lets go to rockridge in oakland and bomb some hills and eat bagels."
by hayden mitchell April 07, 2008
A filthy, crime-ridden city in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has a very diverse population, African American being the largest demographic. As an Oakland native, I can tell you that there is quite a bit of racial tension. I pity the fool who stumbles onto the wrong street corner, especially if he/she is white.

But don't worry! You're safe as long as you're smart (i.e. don't whip out your iPod out in the middle of the street). And lucky.

And if you're really going to pussy out, you can always go into one of the few rich white neighborhoods in the hills. You probably won't get shot there. Probably.

This place is great for the typical pot smoker. Cops don't give a fuck as long as they have murder cases and senseless riots to keep them busy. (Woohoo! Public intoxication!) I wouldn't know, but judging by all the crackheads one could probably get away with a lot harder drugs, too.
Dude #1: Yo, breh. Let's hit tha town (a.k.a. Oakland) an smoke them grapes before the sideshow.

Dude #2: Fo sho.
by cakemonster August 16, 2009
A city of 399,000 plus, located in the Bay Area of California, it is very ghetto, notorious for its high crime, and drug rates, has the highest rate of armed robberies for 2014, and ranked number 2 dangerous big city behind Detroit.
Non oaklander: where you roll when you in Cali mane,

Oaklander: Oakland Bitch

Dude 1: You down to go to the town today.

Dude 2: Hell yeah we can score anything there.
by ThatDankDude123 January 05, 2014
An adjective describing something ghetto or gangster.
"G" 1- Yo this definition be oakland a hell
"G" 2- Na fuck that some white jew bull wrote this shit
Me- Ya bro you got that jawn right
by cracka jack jew March 20, 2011
town that everyone disses but everyone is also too much of a fucking scared ass punk to say anything to anyone that is a fan of the raider nation. maybe because the silver and black will kick their lame ass.
<fag> man, oakland is a dump.
<raider fan> what was that?
<fag> shit, nothing.
by alt June 05, 2005