Oakland is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey. As of the United States 2000 Census, the borough had a total population of 12,466. It is the most north western municipality in Bergen County, which is one of the richest counties in the nation, tagged as being the "O.C. of the east coast". Teens in Oakland typically attend Indian Hills High School, known for its successful academics and athletic programs. Oakland has been the home to many celebrities due to its location just outside New York City, such as musical artist Eve. Oakland is the neighboring town of Fraklin Lakes, home of Derek Jeter and Phil Simms, perhaps the wealthiest town in the east. While driving through Oakland, it is common to see over 10 BMWs, Hummers or Mercedes within 5 minutes.
There are so many hot ladies in Oakland.

Those Oakland kids are so fresh, I wish I could roll with them.
by Steve McGreeve May 17, 2006
Top Definition
City east of SF Bay, aka "tha town". Separated into 3 parts (North, West, and East Oakland). There is no south. North Oakland is the hills. West Oakland has downtown, lake merritt, chinatown, and jack london square. East Oakland has the airport, coliseum, and the zoo. Deep East Oakland is where you can find the sideshows, people actin' a fool and gettin' hyphy, goin stupid doo doo dumb retarded, smokin perk and chewy, sippin' on some heem or yak, and slappin' hard in they box chevs.
dude1: 'ey mayne, what it do?
dude2: it ain't nuttin yo. i finta get blazed tonite and hit up tha town, yadidamean?
dude1:o fo sho.
by UselessHarry August 26, 2005
hella ghetto but awesome fun city in california bay area. mega high crime rates. has a nice needle exchange program!! lots of crack users there, especially in west oakland.
Let's go to Oakland!
Hell yea! We can score some crack!
by Jewelziedoll August 08, 2008
1) A city in the East Bay, notorious for it's crime and homicides.
2) The third weirdest city in the Bay Area, right behind Bezerkley and San Francisco.
3) My home town.
Oakland's got a bad rep, but it's honestly not as bad as it's said to be. I lived right in the middle of it for 12 years and I never got shot.
by Lloydie-boy February 13, 2008
Founded in 1852, The Town is the eighth-largest city in the U.S., but what makes it stand out amongst other American cities is its diverse communities,distinct neighborhoods and turfs, and its culturally rich activities such as mobbin through the sydeshows in a Box Chevy, Going 18 Dummy sippin yak and blowin Purple, and the historically significant Pimp Game. The Town has birthed some of the most notable musicians and rappers of the 20-21st century, such as Tower of Power, Sly and The Family Stone,Too Short, Richy Rich,Keak Da Sneak, Keyshia Cole and DU. Also emerging from Oakland are The Oakland Raiders,The Black Panthers, The East Bay Dragons, The Hells Angels, and many other impacting culturally iconic groups.
Person from LA: "Where you from?"
Person from Oakland: "Oakland Bitch."
by Hiroshi San November 02, 2007
A city in northern California. Though it isn't my personal home soil, I have been there and am officially declaring it the 3rd most dangerous ghetto in America. Do not enter Oakland, California unless you have the intentions of getting shot or making a drop.
Oakland is THE hood.
by Zuke July 11, 2006
1) Principal city of the East Bay Area.

2) The repository for San Francisco's social problems. Oakland exists to make San Francisco look pretty.

3) City that's free to get into when you cross the Bay Bridge, but you have to pay to leave it, to get into San Francisco.

4) City with a bad reputation but which is gentrifying due to shockingly high prices in The City.

5) Next to Portland, Oregon, the Lesbian capital of the Western US
Woman: Mary is from Oakland.

Man: Is she a lesbian?

Woman: No.

Man: Is she black?

Woman: No.

Man: Then she can't be from Oakland.
by Bertha Venation April 17, 2007
My home town. Once, a beautiful city surrounding the jewel of Lake Merritt. It was the birthplace of Casper's Hot Dogs.

Now, it has been taken over by punks.

The birthplace of the Symbionese Liberation Army in 1973.

The birthplace of Ebonics. Sissified white liberals invented the term Ebonics to define and justify the ignorant mush-mouth jabbering of the Oakland black. The purpose, of course, was to keep Oakland blacks "in their place" by preventing them from getting higher education or a decent job. Blacks "in their place" vote for mush wimp liberals and entitlements.

The birthplace of the sideshow, in which thugs and punks take over one or more city blocks and show off their cars and kill any white paddies that wander into the area.

The city with the largest collection of Bull Dykes, Diesel Dykes, Butches, and Femmes per capita in the USA.

White Liberals love Oakland because it is the perfect example of what happens when dysfunctional Black Culture runs its course unimpeded. It has produced a desperately destructive environment. The heartbroken citizens there vote for white liberals so they can get entitlements. But White Liberals are too sissy to live in Oakland. Even Jerry Brown is leaving, along with the Oakland A's.
Ashurbanipal Jones went to Oakland to cut some honkies and see a sideshow. But on the way he got his sorry ass beat up by some Dykes on Bikes.
by Cap'n Bullmoose November 19, 2006
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