Paul Oakenfold, a seriously great trance DJ
"Whoa man, you got to hear Oakie spin at Creamfields? Awesome!"
by ibiza March 02, 2005
someone who lives next to oak super market and more often then not does crack matt cutser
Dude matt custer stop smoking crack you oakie
by dillon February 01, 2005
Usually refers to someone scholarly and amazing. Being an Oakie means you have better living conditions than most other people. It also means you pay less for your education cause you're that amazing. They are probably the most sick-nasty people you will ever meet.
Oh man, I wish I was scholarly enough to be an Oakie... that'd be so sick nasty.
by Oakie October 23, 2007
A hillbilly from the Oakland area
Look at dem Oakies over ther Skitters
by Erny Salcedo August 22, 2014

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