A weak ass high school that always try to talk shit about South Milwaukee. Rivalry that is bigger than South Milwaukee and Cudahy. OC sucks cooch, SM RULES
Oak Creek is also known as OC and think they better than SM at everything
by SMSenior05 March 28, 2005
Top Definition
Um, actually south milwaukee, we just kicked your guys' ass in the homecoming game last year. Right after you guys spray paint our consession stand and shit like you guys are somethin, HA. so yeah SM sucks fat pussy.

OC also has the best cheerleading team in the state bitchesss (:
Oak creek is better than sm.
by OCcheer4life August 30, 2009
Oak Creek - A rival to South Milwaukee, who everybody knows is better than Oak Creek. Oak Creek cheats to win. There is Creatine in Oak Creeks water. South Milwaukee beats Oak Creek fair and right way.
Oak Creek cheats with creatine in their water tower.
by SMROCKET08 July 10, 2008
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