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An organization that kills zombies. Short for "Order of Zombie Outbreak Resistance Tacticians". This group made up of multiple zorts, and is based out of ozort.org. A member of this group (a zort) is a person specifically trained for tactics and survival in the event of a zombie hollocaust. The group's primary focus is on teaching people what to do in the event of a worldwide zombie outbreak, or z-day.
Guy 1: Hey, is that zombie eating that womans brains?
Guy 2: Oh shit! Somebody call ozort!
by Master Zort August 19, 2006
25 18
Acronym Noun: "Order of Zombie Outbreak Resistance Tacticians". A specific organization oriented to the tactical resistance of a zombie outbreak. See ozort.org for more details.
Guy 1: Holy Crap! Was that a zombie?
Guy 2: Quick, someone call OZORT!
by ozort August 19, 2006
68 19
Acronym Noun (oh-zort): "Order of Zombie Outbreak Resistance Tacticians". A specific, largely internet based organization that discusses zombie survivalism.
After spending a few hours talking to OZORT on their web forum, Tom knew exactly what he would do if there was ever a zombie outbreak.
by John Jackson August 25, 2006
18 19
A group of survivalists who plan for ANY national crisis, using as a worst case scenario the theoretical idea of a zombie outbreak as a benchmark to ensure preparedness for any situation whereby government or society collapses. They are a large organisation and can easily be found on google or any other major search engine.
People often mistakenly think that OZORT is about killing zombies because they use a zombie as their mascot.
by Edward Stevens August 24, 2006
11 15