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Another of the various forms of "out the ass". Other forms of this common phrase include, "out the wazoo" and "out the bong-hole". "out the yin-yang" and these other phrases are more common, however, due to the fact that they do not directly use the cuss word "ass".

This, and the other various phrases that encompass "out the ass" can be defined as "in abundance" and/or "all over the place".
There's traffic out the yin-yang thanks to that fucking crash.
by S.L.A.N.G. January 04, 2004
To describe something in large amounts.
Yeh, foo. He gettin paid an laid! Nigga got money comin OUT THE YIN-YANG!!!
by Joshiro007 February 19, 2003
An extreme amount of something. "Yin-Yang", in this sense, means roughly "asshole"
I have money coming out the yin-yang!!
by Fong March 09, 2003