Over The Pants Hand Job
1. Occurs while both the male and female are intoxicated and the female still has inhibitions about a full fledged hook up. The most common cause of chafing of the penis.
2. What the female views as a good way to turn her partner on and the male feels as the most painful method of getting an erection.
3. Can happen as a random female walks by, these are warranted and never argued with.
T.Pimp wakes up after a party and is asked if he 'got' anything; 'No man, all she gave me was an O.T.P.H.J. and now my dick hurts!'
by Eternal Alcoholic April 12, 2011
Top Definition
Over-The-Pants-Hand-Job. Distant cousin of the dry hump.
I can't have sex because my parents are home. Will you settle for a OTPHJ?
by Kalticious Dawg January 18, 2004
The act, better known as an "over the pants handjob," occurs when one partner, engaged in a heavy petting or makeout session, vigorously rubs their partner's package from above said partner's pants/shorts/slacks/jorts. It can be used for mutual pleasure and/or sizing up a new partner.
The Flying Pacheco used the OTPHJ to get to know her various conquests before getting her hands dirty.
by Evil Strauss April 07, 2011
NOUN 1 Over The Pants Hand Jiggity. 2 Over Trouser Penis Hand Job. Somthing to be done underneath the dinner table while at girlfreind's parents house and/or the only sexual act that is willing to be performed by females brought up in well-to-do suburbs of Detroit.
1 During highschool most girls wern't into banging so i had to resort to OTPHJ's. 2 I was at a girls house having dinner with her parents and i was on the receving end of an OTPHJ under the table.
by $simoney January 20, 2004

The OTPHJ or "over the pants hand jobs" are easier to do in public than a UTPHJ and far less expensive than a ZJ, the OTPHJ is the hottest thing to hit 2008 since devin bought the leopard, zebra, and cheetah slap bracelets on ebay. OTPHJs are, in a word, awesome. OTPHJs are often seen under the table at resturants, chiling poolside, movie theatres, and sometimes on the chinatown bus from NY to DC. Calvin Klein even makes a special boxer brief designed specifically for OTHPJs (ask Dan M for product information).
Dan just got a mean OTPHJ while wearing his magical boxer shorts. What a lucky guy!
by devinmaier August 04, 2008
Over The Pants Hand Job
She's a good christian. Only make out sessions and OTPHJ's.
by doug e fresh kir December 02, 2011
Over The Pants Hand Jibber
Friend 1: Bro, how did your date go last night?
Friend 2: It went good dude, we got a little tipsy and it ended up with her giving me an OTPHJ.
Friend 1: An over-the-pants-hand-jibber? Nice! Maybe next time you'll have the balls to just whip it out.
Friend 2: One jibber and a time, my man, one jibber at a time.
by jibbmeister August 06, 2012

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