Over The Internet
Dude_1: "Hey I went to a cool party last night."

Dude_2: "Cool, got any pictures?"

Dude_1: "Yeah, let me jsut email them to you OTI ;)"
#over #the #internet #oti #network #pictures #send #recieve
by Joshv06 June 10, 2009
Top Definition
Oops There It Is - The act of jamming your cock in a girl's ass and acting like it was an accident or a mistake.
Doc: "Hey Bob, I was in bed with Nikki and committed an OTIS last night. She was pissed!"
by Skinwhip March 18, 2005
Acronym for "on the internet". Essentially, the opposite of "irl" (in real life.)
You don't understand me very well OTI: next time, call me.
#irl #internet #online #im #acronym
by redgiant May 16, 2006
Only The Illuminati Survives
Jayz and Kanye west's single "otis"
#illuminati #otis #song #2012 #jayz kanye west
by magdelenee September 11, 2011
A pretty cool guy who thinks there should be a definition for his name other than giant turds and surprise cock slammings, not that he didn't crack up when reading those definitions, but come on...
Hey look there's Otis!
#otizzle #o-dawg #o-man #o-tastic! #otite
by OtisH July 10, 2008
A man who rides a Harley and hooks up with a different woman every night. This is possible because of this abnormally large dick.
Josh: Hey sis, how'd your party go last night?
Nikki: Great, I hooked up with an Otis and he took me for a ride on his Harley. :D
#otis #dick #abnormally #large #harley
by Cutebunny23 September 30, 2011
Verb - When somebody is slowing you down in a crisis because they are hurt, fat, old, or any combination of the three. Often somebody you don't know or like so you decide to save yourself by killing or ditching them so you can make your escape. Comes from the show The Walking Dead.
I was running from a starving rabid bear and Dave was slowing me down because he broke his leg so I had to Otis his ass and leave him.

The zombies where closing in and since I never liked Steve I decided to Otis him by shooting him in the leg and make my escape.

If I where in your shoes I would have Otis-ed her ass and took off.
#dust #kill #smoke #betrayed #double cross
by Bindsor1.0 November 23, 2011
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