word used to pull your answer closer to the mean and therefore lessen the severity of a situation
Example 1

Bob: How many times did you see Mama Mia?

Joe: Just 2 or 3 times. (But we all know the real answer is 3)

Example 2

Maria: How much did you get for that on ebay?

Bill: Oh, like 5 or 10 bucks. (Here, Bill only got 5 dollars)
by JET Blade December 29, 2009
Word used at the end of a trailing sentence to mask an attempt at indimidating an unsuspecting colleague or peer into carrying out a menial and/or demeaning task on a person's behalf. This then liberates the deceiving party to then engage in self promotional behaviour to partake only in activities perceived to be socially ascending and/or career enhancing while causing the victim to be fated to carry the burden with no opportunity for redemption.
DK: Are you taking this smelly printer into the factory while I go help the execs with their video conference or....


DK: Are you going to install these 30 applications onto the user's obsolete PC over the next 4 hours while I do my expenses from my high profile business trip or.....
by Vladdo March 09, 2010
and, to indicate both the phrases to the left and the right must be affirmed
Phil Kerpen should either make Met4physica supermod or a mod in the K forum.
by Phil Kerpen's Pubic Hair April 08, 2005
(oh r)
short for orgasm
they lick them rubbed but no ones gonna get an OR from it...
by sebass May 26, 2008
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