Top Definition
One of my friends
or, as on Twitter: one of my followers
oomf sent me a lovely birthday card.
by werdie49 March 07, 2011
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one obnoxious mother f*****
girl: OMFG SHUT UP you are oomf
by Who Are Me March 25, 2012
an onomatopoeia used to describe a person of extreme attractiveness
Lilly sees a hot guy at the mall
Lilly: OOMF *heart eyes*
by marvelousmango April 18, 2015
is used on TWITTER meaning "one of my followers"
i loved oomf twitcon!
by twitlover March 10, 2011
The noise one would make while hip thrusting during sex
"Oomf oomf."
by xxxxThe_GoaTxxxx February 02, 2010
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