Oh My Lack of God


My Lack of God

Used by atheists and agnostics alike to dictate a semantic parallel of the more common omg; the latter being unfit to their beliefs.

Origins: The phrase is first referenced in an episode of Monty Python and the Flying Circus.
Desk Clerk: Trostky! My lack of God (OMLG)! It's Trotsky! -Monty Python and the Flying Circus
by Saint Scallion August 02, 2010
Top Definition
Oh My Lady Gaga
OMLG, that's amazing! as apposed to "OMG, that's amazing"
by Oh My Lady Gaga April 21, 2010
Stands for 'Oh my Lady GaGa'. Seen on C4 program Ugly Betty and encouraged by radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, this phrase is another (more glamorous way) of saying 'Omg' meaning 'Oh my god'.
OMLG - Look at that mans moobs!
by Guitar.girl August 24, 2010
Oh My Lack of God.

Very useful for Atheists, to whom omg is very unfitting.

I, an Atheist, invented this for use of all Atheists.

Spread it far and wide!
It's actually pretty straightforward. Instead of using omg, use omlg.
by James Barnes October 07, 2007
Acronym for '' Oh My Like Gosh" , mainly used for sarcasm or mucking around.
"omlg! did you just see that?!"
by waaahnker. March 29, 2010
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