an acronym for the phrase "oh my life" begun by three very famous and beloved students which then branched out into the college community. It can be heard preceding and following any kind of circumstance or utterance, namely those of disappointing hilarity.
Katt: "Erin, where is the Velveeta?"
Erin: "It was Nick's turn to buy!"
Nick: "OML!!" *shakes head*
by Katt H. December 05, 2007
Top Definition
Stands for 'Oh My Lord!'
*over msn or whatever

"OML, She was fucking huge!!"
by sprang July 21, 2009
OML means oh my lord. Its kinda like the same this as OMG (oh my god)
ME:I am going to kiss you
Mat:OML, please dont
by XxvolcomxX February 11, 2007
On My Llama
Friend: "what you doing?"
You: "just oml"
by ONMYLLAMA November 15, 2014
On my life
Me: I just lost 20 pounds

Jasmine: no you didn't! Seriously?
Me: Yea I swear oml!
by Realtrue August 21, 2014
oml = oh my lord OR oh my life
oml he is sooo fit
by Cattiexx April 20, 2009
oh my lord
oml she did not just do that!

oml, they just broke up!
by green611 March 22, 2010
ohh my lanta.
OML that looks so yummy right now!
by J3SS!CA July 10, 2008
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