OMJ stands for "oh my JON" not "oh my jonas"
it was started by panic at the disco fans. Jon is Jon Walker, bassist of panic at the disco. we (patd fans) have been using it longer than fans of the Johoes, therefore it is ours bitches!jon used to have long-ish hair and a beard and resembled god which is how this awesome pharse was started
ex. OMJ panic was so awesome at the concert last night!

ex. OMJ jonas brothers fans stole our acronym!
by fueled by spencer August 28, 2008
Some may think that OMJ stands for "Oh my Jonas". But they are infact very wrong.

OMJ stands for "Oh my Jon". Jon as in Jon Walker from PATD.
panic boardies were the first to come up with this seeing as how Jon is god and as most people would say "oh my god" they say "oh my jon"
Tommy: Can you believe she said that?
Meagan: OMJ that was so rude.
by Amanda aka dotty July 28, 2008
accually, in a lot of forums, OMJ stands for "Oh my Jonas!". based from the hit teen sensation "the jonas brothers"
Amy: i just got back from the concert!
Lauren: OMJ!! how was it!?
by jonaserrloverforumfan December 23, 2007
Oh my Jon.. used by panic at the disco fans, when reffering to something amazing
OMJ that picture of ryan is amazing
by sprinklescupcake July 28, 2008
oh my juice
something i made up when trying to say OMG to my friend Ant in sign launguage, because a little kid was super annoying because he wouldnt stop talking (you know how they are,see example). I didnt know "g" so i put "j".
kid: then there was a train full of clones, like in Star Warz! do you like Star Warz? I luv it! there are people and more people and more people and more people and more people and more people and alien things! my favorite part was when my favorite charater said something that was sooooo cool.

me: yeah, you sho-

kid: oops, i forgot to do my homework. my teacher is a butthead. can you spell butthead? i can. B-U-T-H-E-D, butthead!

me: you really should-

kid: can also spell rainbow! R-A...

me thinking: omg, hey i will sign launguage! O-M..uh...J. Yeah, OMJ that kid is talkative! trying to make him shut up is like trying to lick your elbow!
by RWH_yall January 08, 2007
It it stand for Oh My Jacob. Commonly used by Team Jacob fans.

It was started because Jacob has a body like a Greek "God", therefore it is Oh My Jacob instead of Oh My God.
Girl 1~ OMJ!! OMJ!!
Girl 2~ OMJ what?
Girl 1~ IATO just posted the first trailer of Eclipse!!
Girl 1 and 2~ OMJ!!! OMJ!!! OMJ!!! OMJ!!!
by Mrs.JacobBlack March 11, 2010
Oh my Jonas! Knonw by all JB fans and some non-JB fans too! Used in place of the oh-so popular "OMG"
Girl 1"OMJ! I love Nick!"
Girl 2"OMJ! Me too!"
Miley Cyrus"OMJ!He's MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by megzama2312 May 20, 2009
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