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Oh My Jesus! A more dramatic way to say OMG. It should be used sarcastically and dramatically to emphasize whatever situation O-M-J was said to. O-M-J and Oh My Jesus are interchangeable but if you say the complete phrase, don't forget to emphasize Jeeeeeesus!
O-M-J that bitch looks busted!

Oh My Jeeesus! That bitch is getting crazy!
by CASH $ G G G G G-UNIT! June 02, 2011
4 2
Oh my Jah!
In reference to the Jah Rastafari movement.
Sally: Did you hear the ZOMPOC started in Newark?

Jamie: OMJ! Run Nicka!
by XxjanetxX September 26, 2011
41 15
Oh Michael Jordan. According to my wife and kids; Michael says it because he doesn't like using the lords name in vain, so instead, the next best thing.
Guy: I just swished from half, backwards.
Girl:OMJ! Oh My..ckle Jordan, awesome!
by MJfan1963 December 08, 2011
14 5
Off my jock, off my johnson. (in other words; get off my penis or preferably dick.) No homo. Also like saying, get off my back or leave me alone.
Tristan: Willy Will, you never hit me up man.
Willy Will: Tristan, you wanna get omj?!
by B .Hood November 22, 2011
8 6
An alternative interjection for OMG. Has many definitions, such as oh my jellybeans, etc. Can be used in classrooms, so that teachers won't get mad.
"OMJ! Noah just asked me out! I can't believe it!"
by wallflower05 March 05, 2012
3 2
Oh my jello.
"OMJ it's so squishy!"
by kittykittykitty(: December 21, 2011
4 3
Stands for Oh My Jizzle Sack. an interjection of extreme remorse, surprise, or EXCITEMENT over a situation.
1) Person 1: "Vampire Robot Nazis who are also Zombies are attacking New York City!"

Person 2: "OMJS!"

2) Person 1: "Did you know Haleigh was actually a man?

Person 2: "OMJS!"

Person 1: "wow, you should have known that by now.."
by cooldude128 April 09, 2010
2 6