oh my juice
something i made up when trying to say OMG to my friend Ant in sign launguage, because a little kid was super annoying because he wouldnt stop talking (you know how they are,see example). I didnt know "g" so i put "j".
kid: then there was a train full of clones, like in Star Warz! do you like Star Warz? I luv it! there are people and more people and more people and more people and more people and more people and alien things! my favorite part was when my favorite charater said something that was sooooo cool.

me: yeah, you sho-

kid: oops, i forgot to do my homework. my teacher is a butthead. can you spell butthead? i can. B-U-T-H-E-D, butthead!

me: you really should-

kid: can also spell rainbow! R-A...

me thinking: omg, hey i will sign launguage! O-M..uh...J. Yeah, OMJ that kid is talkative! trying to make him shut up is like trying to lick your elbow!
by RWH_yall January 08, 2007
Top Definition
Oh my Jah!
In reference to the Jah Rastafari movement.
Sally: Did you hear the ZOMPOC started in Newark?

Jamie: OMJ! Run Nicka!
by XxjanetxX September 26, 2011
Oh Michael Jordan. According to my wife and kids; Michael says it because he doesn't like using the lords name in vain, so instead, the next best thing.
Guy: I just swished from half, backwards.
Girl:OMJ! Oh My..ckle Jordan, awesome!
by MJfan1963 December 08, 2011
Oh My Jesus! A more dramatic way to say OMG. It should be used sarcastically and dramatically to emphasize whatever situation O-M-J was said to. O-M-J and Oh My Jesus are interchangeable but if you say the complete phrase, don't forget to emphasize Jeeeeeesus!
O-M-J that bitch looks busted!

Oh My Jeeesus! That bitch is getting crazy!
by CASH $ G G G G G-UNIT! June 02, 2011
Off my jock, off my johnson. (in other words; get off my penis or preferably dick.) No homo. Also like saying, get off my back or leave me alone.
Tristan: Willy Will, you never hit me up man.
Willy Will: Tristan, you wanna get omj?!
by B .Hood November 22, 2011
An alternative interjection for OMG. Has many definitions, such as oh my jellybeans, etc. Can be used in classrooms, so that teachers won't get mad.
"OMJ! Noah just asked me out! I can't believe it!"
by wallflower05 March 05, 2012
Oh My Josh
person 1: "OMJ"
person: 2" "Where!?"
person 1: (screams and runs)
by Potstickers June 04, 2015
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