Mistakingly refered to as originating from somethingawfule when in fact it started on Gamefaqs msg boards... used to be random and creat confusion meaning "Oh My God What the Fuck Barbeque?"
OMGWTFBBQ? out of ten (omgwtfbbq?/10)
by David January 06, 2005
Often used when a cat electrocutes itself, causing concern and eventually thoughts of dinner as said cat starts to smell good.
The cat electrocutes itself. "OMGWTFBBQ! Sweet! Free dinner!"
by Squire February 21, 2005
In online games OMGFTWBBQ is often used to describe the sudden surprised death of an opponent. MOG - Oh my god, WTF - What the Fuck, BBQ Barbecue.

It is a humourous expression of surprise at a victim totally pwnt in no time flat.

An example might be from the space game Eve-Online when a Battleship camped on a gate targets and destroys a nub that jumps through. The gate camper might say "I OMGWTFBBQ him before he could blink!!11!!11"
by Mik N October 25, 2006
means Oh My God What The Fuck Barbeque.
used in games mostly warcraft when you kll people
by BcF Clan February 02, 2005
An acronym that stands for "Oh my god what the fuck bitch be quiet" but can also be used for "Oh my god what the fuck barbeque."
"Hey, tell that bitch to be quiet!"

by Improved April 11, 2007
This entire acronym came from warcraft/starcraft players who came across the korean word, BBa Q (which koreans use to pronounce F**k You).
Oh my god what the fuck BBa You! The barbeque is bullshti!
by byon October 22, 2004
A word without any definite origin, but usually can be assumed to mean "Oh My God What the Fuck Be Back Quick."
Glenn: I think your mother is laying face down in a ditch somewhere.
by Pen^2 April 29, 2005

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