...most people may think OMGWTFBBQ means :
Oh My God What The Fuck Barbeque!
- which is kanda wrong, the right is:
Oh My God What The Fuck Bitch Be Quite
some guy: *spamming*
some guy: continue spamming,bullshit-bragging
some other guy: OMGWTFBBQ!!
by Sobba September 22, 2007
Your friend had a birthday (or other special event) but didn't invite all of his pals over for a barbecue. So you write to him, "Oh My God, Where's The Fucking Barbecue?" or "OMGWTFBBQ?" because you totally want to celebrate too!
Dude1: Yeah, last weekend I totally lost my virginity.
Dude2: Sweet dude; OMGWTFBBQ?
by IWantMyBBQ September 11, 2007
Although I'm sure other origins are correct, on my forum the origin is different.

There is an annual forum-based barbecue that takes place in Albuquerque, It was commonly called ABQBBQ, this combo of letters has been added on the end of OMGWTF as a funny ending to describe something outrageous and amazing and out of place.


it has eventually been shortened to OMGWTFBBQ.
I just saw a car with its muffler dragging 3ft behind! OMGWTFBBQ!
by THEGUYTHAT WROTEIT October 24, 2007
Possibly originated from something aweful or starcraft. OMG-WTF-BBQ Is 3 acronyms together Oh my god - What the fuck - Barbeque. It is used mainly in sheer stupidy and spamming situations.
*after starcraft win*
Loser : Wtf?

*spamming forums*
spammer : OMG WTF BBQ???Q/??!!?/1/111one
by varial October 08, 2004
Used to mock three letter acronyms. Can be interpreted as 1. oh my god what the fuck barbeque or 2. oh my god what the fuck be back quick.
Cs n3rd- j00 ju57 g07 PWN3D Wh47 d0 j00 54y 70 7h47!!!!11oneone!!!!n00b.

normal ultra cool person- OMGWTFBBQ
by zaq101 February 02, 2005
High Impact Halo term used only when absolute pwnage is acheived. usually made to make little kids cry
a. OMGWTFBBQ u are horrible i owned u u nubcake

b. shut up, im a little kid that doesnt know any better and i can scream at you as loud as i want cuz i have parents that dont give a shit cuz im spoiled and u must be a modder cuz my mom says i can never lose if i try (runs off crying)
by jesterofthepoon October 13, 2006
A statement commonly used by Superman to indicate a special situation has arisin.

Abbreviation of Oh My Gosh - What the Fuck? - Be Back Quick
{Superman is chatting on IRC}

sexigirl663: So, what are you wearing right now?
Superman: red underpants on top of a blue spandex bodysuit

{Sky turns green}

by TrevorTheCat April 18, 2007

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