This has nothing to do with a barbeque or picnic!!!

Oh my God. What the f*ck? I got burned!

Like in BBQ when you burn or blacken food to get the taste.
OMGWTFBBQ!!! (as if a coworker backstabbed you or you ended up having to work a holiday you requested off)
by melandy7682 April 22, 2009
its a trophy that you get when you beat Resistance 2 in its Hardest Difficulty.
OMGWTFBBQ!!!!111 Did I just beat this game!?!?!?
by pwnsause March 27, 2009
Oh My God What The Fuck Bitch Be Quiet.
Variation to the Barbeque version of this acronym. Can be used when no other words can describe how dumb one just sounded.
Ginger who thinks he's black: Whats up homie G?

Whiteguy 1: OMGWTFBBQ

ginger: Fuck you, immma go eat some KFC

Whiteguy 1: Dumbass
by Whiteguy 1 August 18, 2010
The king of all acronyms. Used mostly ultra sarcastically but sometimes used for excitement.
Benny: hey man were going to a white trash party later you want to go.

Mike: I dont know man, it sounds kind of boring.

Benny:We are grilling chicken and steak up.

by imlaxin01 September 09, 2009
An over-the-top exclamaition used in texting, iming, or by gamers.
OMGWTFBBQ!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Dudez! Howz did uz do that?!
by Red Vinnie June 11, 2008
an achevement on a game called "team fortress 2" for the class pyro.
dude! you got the achevement omgwtfbbq!
by smoothie king224 October 13, 2008
A phrase which makes no sense, whatsoever, and which should be used when you really have no clue what you are talking about, or even who's pants you are wearing.
"omgwtfbbq, that Ford Anglia is teh best car ever"
by Mike July 22, 2003
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