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1) Most know it as a parody of acronyms
2) It is a an actual barbecue you can download of of modthesims.com for the game 'The Sims 2'. It is a barbecue that you can cook newborn babies on.
Don't believe me? YouTube 'OMGWTFBBQ sims 2'
by Shellygirl102 July 06, 2011
OMGWTFBBQ is also a achivement in the FPS game ''Team Fortress 2'' when you are playing as the ''pyro''
Game: ''Gratz.. u hav earned tha achivement OMGWTFBBQ''
by Miss. pseudonym May 02, 2010
A baby roaster used to roast unwanted babies.
Ew, it's ugly. Time to get out that OMGWTFBBQ!
by Lakelel November 24, 2009
meaning: oh my god what the fuck bbq! used to show great excitement, astonishment, or just to say for fun. sometimes used at a talegate when someone actually sees a bbq.
OMGWTFBBQ! i jsut say 2 girls one cup "oh man, that blows.."
by teehee11 November 03, 2010
something that exceeds the "oh my god" and "oh my fucking god", and any other tems with "omg" in it.
Guy 1: Dude I got robbed, they took my brand new 132$ fan!

Guy 2:Do you know who stole it?

Guy 1: I think it was your Dad!

Guy 2:omgwtfbbq?
by Sminmorph July 27, 2010
A steam acheivement for team fortress 2.

where you throw a fireball as a pyro at an enemy
What? omgwtfbbq
by Devvy996 June 28, 2009
Oh My God What The Fuck Bitch Be Quiet.
Variation to the Barbeque version of this acronym. Can be used when no other words can describe how dumb one just sounded.
Ginger who thinks he's black: Whats up homie G?

Whiteguy 1: OMGWTFBBQ

ginger: Fuck you, immma go eat some KFC

Whiteguy 1: Dumbass
by Whiteguy 1 August 18, 2010