Stands for Oh, my god! What the fuck? Barbecue.
Could be used in any number of ways as just an exclamation of surprise, victory, shock, or disgust. On the scale of words, it is "what the fuck" taken to it's maximum extreme.
Commonly used in 6 ways:
1)An exclamation after seeing something, and you just can't beat the images out of your eyes.
"OMGWTFBBG, I just saw my parents having sex! *cries*"
2) Is used when someone, or something, in or out of a video game dies horribly and instantly, typically involving a firey death.
"I saw this gnome sleeping in a field of dry grass, so I casted a flamestrike on him and he was like OMGWTFBBQ dead.
3) Is used in extreme cases of surprise like if your parents randomly bought you an X-Box. "OMGWTFBBQ, I just got $1000 back on my tax refund!"
4) used mockingly when disgusted by leet speak.
"noob: OMG U R Teh Suxx0rz, I R l337!111!!"
"normal person: OMGWTFBBG, go read a dictionary, nubcake."
5) Used when you see something completely out of the ordinary, typically disgusting, and are confused as hell.
Such as finding a dead rat on your pillow. "OMGWTFBBQ, someone shit in my Cheerios!"
6)Lastly, suddenly finding a barbecue picnic in the middle of nowhere.
"OMGWTFBBQ, can I have a burger?"
by Chaosmastermind May 13, 2008
1. A new achivement in the game Team Fortress 2 for the Pyro class which is earned simply by "Killing an enemy with a taunt".

2. A skill in the the game Pillage the Village which summons a giant, flaming bowling ball that stuns all enemys on the field.
1. "OMGWTFBBQ the new Pyro acheivement is OMGWTFBBQ"
by Tim YT June 18, 2008
Oh My God, What the fuck, Barbecue?
"Wow, this is a really nice store. It has so much outdoor equipment...OMGWTFBBQ?
by Despicable June 23, 2010
Oh my god, what the fuck, bitch be quiet
Brad is going out with ME!" "OMGWTFBBQ Shut Up!
by jacobjdog October 02, 2010
1) Most know it as a parody of acronyms
2) It is a an actual barbecue you can download of of for the game 'The Sims 2'. It is a barbecue that you can cook newborn babies on.
Don't believe me? YouTube 'OMGWTFBBQ sims 2'
by Shellygirl102 July 06, 2011
Most people get the definition wrong, or naively think that 'BBQ' stands for barbeque. The actual acronym stands for...


Mindbomb yet?

The common usage of OMGWTFBBQ is an extended version of OMG, for added effect.
Woman 1: (nag nag nag nag nag nag nag)

or the more common usage

Man 1: Oh my god they're giving out free doughnuts!
by Ironfate9 April 05, 2011
A concatenation of the popular three letter acronyms OMG, WTF and BBQ.
A preoccupied vegan named Hugh
picked up the wrong sandwich to chew.
He took a big bite
before spitting, in fright,
by fredley February 04, 2009

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