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The Saying Of "Oh My Fizzy Soda" Created By Someone Named Sabastian. Commonly used when suprised!
Guy 1 : Oh My god! I just found a 100$ bill!
Guy 2 : OMFS!
by Oh My Fizzy Soda July 16, 2008
Meaning: Oh My! a Failure! (O.M.F.)
Example Sentence: "O.M.F.! He missed!"
by Adsteroo May 12, 2009
Old Man Fart. When you're walking through WalMart and the old guy sitting on the bench leans over and rips a big one. That's an OMF.
Dude! Did you hear that OMF??

Do I smell like OMF?

Mom, that food smells like OMF. Gross.
by OC woman May 18, 2011
An abbreviation to 'oh my fuck'. Kinda like a synonym to 'wow'.
"omf dude i haven't seen you in forever!"

"how much thought did you put into this lmfao omf what even-??"

by lordofthefliesbitch September 18, 2014