means "oh my fuck" something like omg "oh my god" but in a more dramatic way of expressing shock, surprise, or excitement.
friend 1: "look at that guy over there!!"

friend 2:"DAMN HE'S HOT"

friend 1: "omf shut up he'll hear you"
by skullcandybabe January 11, 2015
An acronym for "oh my fucking stars", OMFS is commonly uttered by buttpirates, furfaggots, and neckbearded basement-dwellers to express surprise.

The neckbearded may also use "OMFS" as an acronym for "oh my fucking science" or "oh my fucking Satan" because "stars" are perceived as insufficiently secular, despite the fact that neckbeards believe that our molecules came from exploding stars, and that monkeys and fish fucked each other to create yo bitchass.

Although "OMFS" is generally used to express surprise, atheists also use it to express their hatred of christfags and our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Of Nazareth.

Yes, that Jesus Christ.
OMFS! Let's have teh gay buttsects!

OMFS! Did you see that furry's throbbing, black furcock?!

OMFS! Dawkins damn it.
by Cockfuck McGhee October 24, 2010
short for "Oh My Fucking Satan"
usually used by losers
"OMFS pants with zippers that go nowhere are awesome!"
by clayton April 03, 2004
The Saying Of "Oh My Fizzy Soda" Created By Someone Named Sabastian. Commonly used when suprised!
Guy 1 : Oh My god! I just found a 100$ bill!
Guy 2 : OMFS!
by Oh My Fizzy Soda July 16, 2008
Meaning: Oh My! a Failure! (O.M.F.)
Example Sentence: "O.M.F.! He missed!"
by Adsteroo May 12, 2009
Old Man Fart. When you're walking through WalMart and the old guy sitting on the bench leans over and rips a big one. That's an OMF.
Dude! Did you hear that OMF??

Do I smell like OMF?

Mom, that food smells like OMF. Gross.
by OC woman May 18, 2011

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