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Like Oh My God but for Muslims: oh my Allah!
Hey, did you see the new wheels Mohammad just bought?

Yeah, Fatima was all like 'OMA! That's amazing!'
by ScotchandDietinDXB April 17, 2013
1 1
Oh my Aliens. Just like OMG, but for the atheists or persons who believe that we are the result of extraterrestrial experiments.
OMA, Becky. Look at her butt!!
by MyPseudo March 27, 2012
3 3
O.M.A stands for "Oh, my Athiest!" Like 'OMG' but for an Athiest to say.
Say "Oh, my Athiest" when someone says something rediculous, or crazy

-Person 1 - "O.M.A, I just got a dub sack from this stranger I met behind that building outside of Chicago next to my grandmas house.

-Person 2 - "Right on bro!"
by Azhale March 17, 2011
1 2
3/5 of the word omaha. Largest city in Nebraska; located in eastern Nebraska on the Missouri river
I'm from Omaha.
by Kryten 2x4b May 05, 2003
27 28
A gorgeous girl with a really good heart.
That girl is so amazing... she must be Oma
by bluedo March 06, 2012
1 4
Oh my ana, a common phrase among the anoerxic community on the net. ana=god
"OMA, please forgive me for eating 500 calories more than i should have eaten".
by Anaslover October 10, 2010
5 9
Oh my Alkamari, The legendary god of the rangers. Swear word. Ranger alternative to omg
And i was totally like OMA
by The super Red Power Ranger March 31, 2010
2 6