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rated-G euphemism for ample breasts, funbags, breasticles, jugs, etc.
"Check out the okie dokes on that piece of ass over there!"
"Damn right, boy, you know you want get smothered by these okie dokes!"
by Faye Valentine May 26, 2003
9 43
This is the slang name in the card game of spades for when you set your opponent in one hand, then make them lose 100 points for going over on bags in the next. A usual okie doke results in a loss of 150 to 180 points.
We bid 5 tricks, but only took 4, and we already had 8 overbooks. Then on the next hand, we took 2 bags. We lost 150 points in 2 hands. Man, I hate getting the okie doke.
by One Half November 22, 2005
11 57
An okie doke is a convicted criminal, or in other words, a CON.
yo, that kat is an okie doke son!
by Antoine October 16, 2003
20 72
The act of rubbing your genitillia all over the food and beverages in the office fridge, so your fellow state employees eat it.
Somebody stole my Bookoo Juice out of the fridge at work. So I okie-doked everything in there.
by Mike-a-loeb December 18, 2004
22 88