Comes from the nickname for Martin Van Buren, "Old Kinderhook," used in his presidential campaign. Eventually, supports became tired of saying "Old Kinderhook!" and shortened it to "O.K.!"

Now, this word is often incorrectly spelled "Okay," and used to mean "all right!" or "yes!" But this is wrong. And that is why Americans are stupid.
Martin Van Buren: Who are you going to vote for??
Ralliers: Old Kinderhook!
Martin Van Buren: Who are you going to vote for??
Ralliers: O.K.!
by IAmSoRight January 26, 2005
fucking awesome
RUSH was ok...

if your definition of ok is fucking awesome!!!!
by rikmaksen August 05, 2007
OK is a word that urban rapper "lil john" uses in all of his songs and says repetedly over and over again,

Reference: almost any chappelle's show.
"OK" - Lil john

"What, Yeah, OK!!!" - lil john
by Viper October 30, 2004
Acronym for OVER KILL
person a.
'Nice bling, its a bit O.K!'

person b.
'So you think i'm doing O.K'

person a.
'Erm! Yeah.'
by VICKI KARMA November 13, 2006
gamer speak for overkill
"Dude, donald got a double serving of pwnage. ftw total o.k. i felt bad for the guy!"
by daaniel October 09, 2007
Said either when you're doing fine, or don't care about what a person is saying.
Jimmy: Hi Monroe! How are you doing?
Monroe: I'm doing ok, Jimmy

Some Random Stranger: Tomorrow is my birthday!
Ella: Uhh... Ok...
via giphy
by carafa0123 August 03, 2016
When used in the middle of conversation, it shows an utter disrespect for the person speaking and a desire for the conversation to end.
Sally: OMG I love this show called Teen Wolf and I've been watching it like crazy!!!
Any reasonable person: Ok
by 2rachet4u October 22, 2015
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