fucking awesome
RUSH was ok...

if your definition of ok is fucking awesome!!!!
by rikmaksen August 05, 2007
OK is a word that urban rapper "lil john" uses in all of his songs and says repetedly over and over again,

Reference: almost any chappelle's show.
"OK" - Lil john

"What, Yeah, OK!!!" - lil john
by Viper October 30, 2004
Acronym for OVER KILL
person a.
'Nice bling, its a bit O.K!'

person b.
'So you think i'm doing O.K'

person a.
'Erm! Yeah.'
by VICKI KARMA November 13, 2006
gamer speak for overkill
"Dude, donald got a double serving of pwnage. ftw total o.k. i felt bad for the guy!"
by daaniel October 09, 2007

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