Sick, lying, murdering waste of life.
OJ did it.
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
The word O.J. stands for Orange Juice. Orange is another word for a Penis. And Juice is another word for Semen.

So drinking O.J. will mean you were actually drinking Semen.
The O.J. after last night sex was awesome.
by dsumra August 04, 2009
Commiting a crime and escaping punishment due to ethnic backround (usually black).
"You OJ'ed!"
by Anonymous February 02, 2003
Innocent guy who is just covering for his son.
we all knopw it was his son
by OJ Simpson September 22, 2003
1.) Abbreviation of orange juice
2.) Orenthal James "O.J." Simpson. Convicted felon; once football player, actor, and spokesman.
3.) A traditional African name*

*...According to Brüno

2.) "If I did it" a novel by O.J. Simpson

3.)Brüno: "I gave him like a traditional African name"

Random black woman: What is it?

Brüno: O.J.

Random black woman: WHAT!!
by If the glove don't fit July 05, 2009
stands for "out of jail". pertaining to any felon, no matter what nationality, who, because of notoriety, has worked the system over causing the public millions of dollars and a media shitstorm. See also Robert Blake. the opposite (antonym of) IJ.
What the f is THAT hi-profile cat doing out on the streets? That dude is OJ.
by riddler, inc. December 08, 2008

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