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Orange Juice
Yo Yo! pass me a OJ G!
by Arya F April 03, 2003
Short for "Orgasm Juice". Astonishingly, most people assume you're referring to "Orange juice" when you ask them: "Do you like O.J.?".

A dumb "Joke" pulled by bored, immature nerds everywhere.
Nerd 1: Do you like O.J.?

Nerd 2: Yes. Why?

Nerd 1: Hah, Hah! You like Orgasm Juice!

Nerd 2: Screw you! At least I can get some!
#vagina #pussy #vajayjay #oj #orange #juice
by anthropomorphicwolf January 14, 2010
Acronym for Orgasm Job.

O.J. - the act of a man giving oral sex to a woman.

Synonyms: eating out, head, cunnilingus
Antonyms: B.J., tail, fallatio
A spoonful of O.J. makes the bone go down.

Girl, that dude is a master at the O.J. You know it's always better when it's wetter!

O.J.s are for women, B.J.s are for girls.
#bj #oj #o.j. #sex #oral #orgasm
by emcc2 September 13, 2011
-OUNCE JOINT: One ounce of marijuana rolled into a large joint, usually using several rolling papers stuck together to form one large rolling paper.
If you search on the internet, you are sure to find a video of someone rolling, or people smoking an OJ.
#ounce #joint #marijuana #get #high
by forfuckssake November 26, 2006
to stab or kill. Origin: the double murder trial of football star O.J. Simpson. As in "Go ahead, OJ them."
by VAKI5 November 02, 2003
ORIGINAL JEW - a cool, awesome jew that survived the holocaust. a freaking awesome HOMESKILLET G that loved OJ .(orange juice)

"Aye, Whatsup my OJ . got any orange juice in your fridge" -ana

"Bro, what's an OJ ? And hecksyeah, i love me some orange juice" - gangsta jew

"That's YOU, my OJ . Aren't you Jewish? " -ana
#jewish #orange juice #oj #bro #gangsta
by Ananay & Carolynanay March 15, 2011
A deceptive trick in order to hide the truth or to get away with something illegal; a person who lies; fooling someone.
Don't O.J. me buddy, I know you're lying!

Brad: So the motherfucker fooled me?
Denzel: Yep, he pulled an O.J. on you dude.

Wow, you fooled me there dude, that was an excellent O.J.
#simpson #lyer #scam #trick #illegal #deceptive #deceitful #lie
by Nightbreed666 May 02, 2009
To Masturbate.
Dude, brb grabbing some OJ
#oj #brb #masturbate #ory #rory
by MSIkid November 18, 2010
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